Heavy Weapon (EU)

PlayStation 3

Heavy Weapon (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Big Red Button
Big Red Button15TrophyTypeGo ballistic... Use your first nuke!
Supaweapon!16TrophyTypeCollect components to complete a megalaser
"Ow, Quit It!"
"Ow, Quit It!"18TrophyTypeDestroy the Supply Chopper in Mission Mode. Who needs power-ups?
Cockroach of Freedom
Cockroach of Freedom20TrophyTypeWithstand eight minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any survival game.

Least Earned

Cannon Happy
Cannon Happy30TrophyTypeComplete 9 missions without nukes or reinforcements
Freedom's Last Stand
Freedom's Last Stand178TrophyTypeDefeat all 19 Red Star Champions in Boss Blitz Mode.
Ultimate Tanker
Ultimate Tanker51TrophyTypeDispel the enemies of liberty. Finish mission mode.
Comsat Uplink
Comsat Uplink25TrophyTypePlay online with three other players for at least one minute
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