Harmonix Music VR Trophies

Full list of all 19 Harmonix Music VR trophies - 19 bronze.

  • Explorer

    Played a song in each of the 4 worlds.

  • Dedicated

    Made and completed a playlist of 9 songs or more.

  • Rule of Thumb Drive

    Played an imported song.

  • Double It

    Played the same song twice in a row.

  • Beach Comber

    Activated all 10 visualization objects in the Beach.

  • Dude...

    Spent over a minute in a single visualization in The Beach.

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  • WigglyJiggly

    Found the jellyfish.

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  • Just Chill

    Didn't trigger a single visualization for an entire song in The Beach.

  • Zoned Out

    Barely moved your head for an entire song in The Trip.

  • Check Your 6

    Looked behind you in The Trip

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