Hard Corps: Uprising

PlayStation 3

Hard Corps: Uprising Trophies

Most Earned

Let's do this thing right!
Let's do this thing right!15TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Defeat 10 or more Privates
Stage Clear
Stage Clear30TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Clear Stage 1
All Clear
All Clear36TrophyType[RISING MODE] Clear all missions
Decorated Soldier
Decorated Soldier59TrophyType[RISING MODE] Obtain all medals

Least Earned

I'll make them pay…
I'll make them pay…965TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without dying
Disposable Warrior
Disposable Warrior269TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Stock up 20 or more extra lives
Innate Guerilla Warfare
Innate Guerilla Warfare227TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without defeating more than 50 Privates.
World Peace
World Peace215TrophyType[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions with friends from around the world
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