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    11 Jul 2018 25 Dec 2019
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    Happy Dungeons is a free-to-play action dungeon crawling adventure developed by Toylogic for PS4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to Toylogic’s popular Happy Wars.

    Happy Dungeons is a multiplayer hack n' slash RPG that can be played with up to three other team-members, can fight your way through dungeons together online or splitscreen.

    Customizing your character to your liking and setting their style to something you'll enjoy is all part of the fun of Happy Dungeons.
    You can choose what character style you are: <i>Warrior? Mage? or Cleric?</i>You can choose what character style you are: Warrior? Mage? or Cleric?
    Each level is described as a dungeon, and you have 30 minutes to get through that. Now, early on, you'll be getting through the level in under 10 minutes, but the further the game goes on, the more time you'll need to take in defeating bosses and the little green things. The levels are friendly and don't offer too much of a difficult challenge, but do offer something challenging than being a complete easy walkthrough.

    Happy Dungeons is full of slapstick humor and funny looking items to offer you a very Happy time. The main story unfolds when an unsuspecting protagonist falls from a floating island and becomes a hero knight enlisted to save a princess, kidnapped by Goblins. There are many amusing side quests, such as recovering protein-filled cookies stolen by powered-up goblins or rescuing villagers who have been abducted and spellbound by aliens. Believe it or not, most of the stories are based on actual experiences that happened to members of the development team. Of course, the real anecdotes have been adapted to include goblins, aliens and lots of jokes and more!


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