7. Hades Pact of PunishmentUpdate notes

After defeating Redacted for the first time, you will receive access to the Pact of Punishment. The Pact of Punishment is just a way to make the game harder and more challenging in an effort to stop the game feeling stale and repetitive after a while. The Pact of Punishment conditions are as follows:

Hard LaborAll foes deal bonus damage, +20% per rank (20%|40%|60%|80%|100%)5 (+100% damage)1 per rank (5 total)
Lasting ConsequencesAny healing effects restore less of your life total than usual, -25% per rank (25%|50%|75%|100%)4 (-100% damage)1 per rank (4 total)
Convenience FeeAll Charon's obol prices are higher, +40% per rank (40%|80%)2 (+80% extra cost)1 per rank (2 total)
Jury SummonsFoes in standard encounters appear in greater numbers, +20% per rank (20%|40%|60%)3 (+60% more enemies)1 per rank (3 total)
Extreme Measures*

Each Underworld region's bosses gain new techniques, one region per rank (Tartarus first)

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Rank 1: Megaera / Alecto / Tisiphone

Rank 2: Bone Hydra

Rank 3: Theseus & Asterius

Rank 4: Redacted

4 (+1 boss change)1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (10 total)
Calisthenics ProgramAll foes have higher life totals, +15% health per rank (+15%|+30%)2 (+30% health)1 per rank (2 total)
Benefits Package***Most armored foes have perks, +1 per rank (+1|+2)2 (+2 perk every elite)2 / 3 (5 total)
Middle ManagementEach mini-boss encounter contains +1 armored foe (or some additional problem) (+1)1 (+1 elite or other problem)2
Underworld CustomsThe exit to each Underworld region requires you to purge one boon to unlock it (+1)1 (+1 forced sell per biome)2
Forced OvertimeAll foes have bonus move speed and attack speed, +20% per rank (+20%|+40%)2 (+40% speed)3 per rank (6 total)
Heightened SecurityAll traps and magma deal +400% bonus damage (+400%)1 (+400% trap damage)1
Routine InspectionYour talents from the Mirror of Night are deactivated, -3 per rank (from the bottom up) (-3|-6|-9|-12)4 (-12 talents)2 per rank (8 total)
Damage ControlAll foes have shield, making them ignore initial instances of damage, one hit per rank (1|2)2 (2 shields)1 per rank (2 total)
Approval ProcessYou have fewer choices when offered boons, items or upgrades, -1 per rank (-1|-2)2 (-2 choices)2 / 3 (5 total)
Tight DeadlineYou get nine minutes to clear each Underworld region (or else!), reduced by -2 minutes per rank (9 Min|7 Min|5 Min)3 (5:00 per biome)1 / 2 / 3 (6 total)
Personal Liability**Your auto defence (brief invulnerability after a burst of damage) is +100% inactive (+100%)1 (+100% inactive)1 per rank (1 total)

*Extreme Measures Rank 4 (Extremer Measures can only be bought via the House Contractor after Redacted is defeated eleven times)

**Personal Liability is only available in Hell mode.

***Benefits Package perks:

Name (Icon)Description
Shifter (green ghost)The enemy will teleport randomly
Bruiser (helm)The enemy has greatly increased health and size
Slugger (sword)The enemy deals more damage, like the Hard Labor punishment (stacks with other pacts of punishment)
Puller (purple disk)The enemy has a small 'gravitational' field around them that can not be escaped by walking. Usually takes several dashes to break free
Savior (blue shield)The enemy will periodically give other nearby enemies one shielded health, up to a max of five
Speeder (boots)The enemy attacks and moves faster, like the Forced Overtime punishment (stacks with other pacts of punishment)
Linker (pink ray)A laser is created from the enemy to another nearby enemy. Prioritizes linking with armored foes, but can link to normal enemies
Cloner (skulls)Tartarus only. Fake clones of the enemy will constantly spawn, up to a cap. Each clone has two HP (one armor, one regular). All clones die when the original dies
Burner (fire)Asphodel only. The enemy will constantly create fire traps
Seeker (green star)Projectiles fired by this enemy will home in on you
Popper (warrior soul)Warrior enemies in Elysium only. Upon death, the foe will drop many fake souls that explode upon death or after a few seconds. However, one is real and will function as normal

Defeating Theseus and Asterius in Elysium with three levels of Extreme Measures on (six Heat) will award you:

Defeating one of every new enemy with Benefits Package (two Heat) will award you:

Defeating Redacted with each separate Pact of Punishment (doesn't have to be at the same time, also can just be the first rank), will award you:

Eventually, after defeating Redacted five or more times, Skelly will put three covered statues in the bottom right corner of the courtyard. Talk to him about them, then interact cn_R2.

Completing an escape attempt with at least eight Heat will award you:

Completing an escape attempt with at least sixteen Heat will award you:

The third statue requires you to clear an escape attempt with at least 32 Heat, but does not have any trophies tied to it.

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