3. Hades Underworld Reoccuring Things, First RunUpdate notes

Reoccurring Segments

Before diving into each layer of the Underworld, let's go over some things you'll see throughout it, that we haven't already gone over.


Each weapon has its own set of enchantments given by the Daedalus Hammer. When you get fifty unique enchantments, you'll unlock:

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Note: After unlocking the enchantment prophecies for a select weapon, you'll have a small scroll icon by enchantment's name known as 'Fated Choice'. This lets you know that you have not chosen that particular enchantment. The prophecies for each weapon are:

  • The Stygian Blade - Stygius
  • The Heart-Seeking Bow - Coronacht
  • The Shield of Chaos - Aegis
  • The Eternal Spear - Varatha
  • The Twin Fists - Malphon
  • The Adamant Rail - Exagryph


Throughout your journey, Olympic gods will aid you with their boons. These boons are temporary buffs. Each god has a theme that most of their boons revolve around.


Lightning simply attacks nearby foes

Chain-Lightning attacks multiple enemies by bouncing to nearby foes

PoseidonKnockbackKnockback causes foes to be pushed away from you. They take extra damage if they hit a wall.
AthenaDeflectDeflect causes you to take no damage and causes melee attackers to take damage and projectiles to be returned to their source.
AphroditeWeakWeak causes foes' attacks to deal less damage
ArtemisCritical DamageCritical damage deals 300% damage
AresDoomDoom deals damage after a small delay
DionysusHangoverHangover deals damage over time
HermesSpeedGives movement speed and dodge chance to you
DemeterChillChill slows foes' movement and attack speed

All gods, excluding Hermes, have a boon that buff Zagreus' move set (Attack, Special, Cast, Dash, and Call) with their unique theme. Only one god's boon can be equipped to a move set at a time with the exception of Hermes who can modify Zagreus' move set in conjunction with other gods. Some boons can affect Zagreus' move set, without applying their theme. These can work in conjunction with other boons (for example: Zeus' Billowing Strength let's you deal more damage after using Call but can be equipped with any other of the god's Call).

After obtain a few boons from a particular god, you will unlock them in your Codex. Demeter's boon is not available until you've reached the surface (the last room/boss) at least once (although you do not have to beat the final boss). Once you've unlocked all the gods under the Olympian Gods section, you will unlock:

Some boons require you to have certain boons or abilities before they appear. When you buy the Codex Index from the House Contractor for 50 Gemstones, the Codex will show you a list each of the gods' boons, including prerequisites for the boons that require them. You need to equip 100 unique boons from the gods to unlock:

All gods, excluding Hermes, are able to give you their Call. Calls are powerful abilities that require the gauge on the bottom right of your screen to fill up before use. It is filled up when you attack, or get attacked. While you can use calls when only a fourth of the gauge is full, you can wait until you have a full meter to unleash a powerful version of the Call called 'Greater Call' that will consume the whole gauge and unlock:


Occasionally, you'll find a door that has two boons. Entering it will lead to a room without enemies and two boons. However, once you choose a boon, the god whose boon you did not choose will get angry with you and start attacking, along with a standard encounter. The following is a list of the gods' attacks:

ZeusSpawns lighting
PoseidonSpawns a damaging wave
AthenaMakes enemies invulnerable
AphroditeSpawns a projectile that stuns and damages Zagreus
ArtemisSpawns circles that will chase Zagreus and then deal damage after a short while
AresSpawns Blade Rifts (slow moving projectiles that deal damage in an area)
DionysusSpawns hangover pools that deal damage over time (similar to Drunken Dash)
DemeterSpawns cold circles that damage and slow Zagreus (similar to her Call)

If you use Greater Call against the god you are fighting, you will unlock:

  • Bad Call

    Use an Olympian's Greater Call against them in a Trial

    Bad Call
    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.

This trophy is very situational and may require a bit of luck but as long as you have a Call equipped, pray for a Duel room, then pray for the God who's Call you have to be in it, then pick the other one. It's not as bad as it sounds, just make sure to have a Call equipped and you'll eventually get it.


Charon's Shop

You can spend your obol here for various items. There will always be two shops in Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium: one midway through the area and one before the area's boss.

It is possible for a sack of 300 obols to appear near Charon in his midway shop. If you 'borrow' these, you will fight Charon. Once Charon is at 20%, he will call off the fight and grant Zagreus a loyalty card that reduces prices at his shop and the Well of Charon by 20% for that run. This unlocks:

Pool of Purging

The Pool of Purging allows you to sell any boons you've collected for obol. The more powerful a boon, the more obol you get. A Pool of Purging will always appear in the room after an area's final boss. You will need to sell a legendary boon to unlock:

Well of Charon

The Well of Charon allows you to buy various buffs that last for a few rooms. Here is the list:

Item NameDescriptionPriceDuration (Encounters)
Aether NetYou start encounter(s) with your God Gauge 15% full156
Braid of AtlasYour cast deals +50% damage206
Centaur SoulGain +25 max health (without restoring health)100-
Chimaera JerkyYour special deals +40% damage356
Cyclops JerkyYour attack deals +30% damage406
Eris BangleYou deal +50% damage striking undamaged foes306
Eye of LamiaSlain foes have a 15% chance to drop healing items253
Fateful TwistGain a random item offered from the Well of Charon45-
Flame Wheels ReleasePrevent Flame Wheel foes from appearing in encounter(s)7510
Gaea's TreasureGain x GemstonesVaries-
HydraLiteYou recover 10% health when you enter a chamber453
Ignited IchorGain 20% move speed108
Kiss of StyxReplenish one use of Death Defiance200-
Life EssenceRestore up to x% healthVaries-
Light of IxionEnsure a Chaos Gate will spawn ahead (where possible)40-
Nail of TalosYou deal +50% damage to armor656
Nemesis CrestYou deal +50% damage striking foes from behind606
Night SpindleGain +1 use of your Chthonic Companion's summon40-
Price of MidasGain x obols (for a blood price)Varies (Health)-
Prometheus StoneGain +1 cast ammo for your cast506
Skeletal LureEnsure a fishing point will spawn ahead (where possible)60-
Stygian ShardTraps deal +500% damage to your foes356
Tinge of ErebusGain x DarknessVaries-
Touch of StyxYour Stubborn Defiance restores +10% health5515
Trove TrackerEnsure a Infernal Trove will spawn ahead (where possible)50-
Yarn of AriadneThe next boon you find has upgraded rarity70-

The Customer Loyalty prophecy requires you to buy all items from the Well of Charon.

Buy nine items in one attempt to unlock:

  • Well Stocked

    Buy 9 'Well of Charon' items in one escape attempt

    Well Stocked
    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Shop - These trophies can be obtained by purchasing an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.


Infernal Gate

Requires 'Gateways, Erebus' to be purchased from the House Contractor.

Erebus Gates do not appear as doors, instead they appear as holes in the ground around the fighting area. They require 5/10/15 Heat for Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium respectively. Heat is a separate thing which can be applied at the Pact of Punishment once you have cleared an escape attempt. Once you enter it, you'll be challenged to not get hit during an encounter. If you complete the challenge, you'll be rewarded with the item you saw before entering, and unlock:

If you do get hit, you'll be 'rewarded' with a Red Onion that restores a whole...one health.

Infernal Trove

Requires 'Plunder, Lesser' to be purchased from the House Contractor.

Infernal Troves show up in regular rooms. Approaching one will show what it has to offer. Once you open it, an encounter will start and its reward will start to deplete. The faster you complete this encounter, the more of the rewards you will earn.


Thanatos will show up and challenge Zagreus: the one who kills the most enemies wins. Thanatos has two moves: a single target move and an area of effect (AoE) move.

His single target move will cause an enemy to have a scythe near their health, as well as turn their health purple. After a delay, they will instantly die.

His AoE move spawns a large purple circle. After a short delay, everything inside the circle will die instantly.

If you beat Thanatos, he will award you a Centaur Heart. If you beat him by fifteen or more kills, you will unlock:



Requires 'Rod of Fishing' to be purchased from the House Contractor.

After completing an encounter, you may hear a ding. This indicates that a fishing spot is in the room. Go up to the fishing spot and wait for the float to get submerged into the water. However, beware of fake outs where the float move, but does not get submerged. Each area has their of set of three fish. The faster you catch the fish, the better quality it will be.

  • Less than 0.34 seconds: 50% chance to either be a legendary or rare fish
  • 0.34 to 0.68 seconds: 50% chance to either be a rare or common fish.
  • More than 0.68: Fail

The fish are as follows:

FishRegionRankValue (from Chef)
HellfishTartarusCommon5 Gemstones
KnuckleheadTartarusRare20 Gemstones
ScyllascionTartarusLegendary30 Gemstones
SlavugAsphodelCommon1 Chthonic Key
ChrustaceanAsphodelRare3 Chthonic Key
FlameaterAsphodelLegendary5 Chthonic Key
ChlamElysiumCommon1 Nectar
CharpElysiumRare2 Nectar
SeamareElysiumLegendary3 Nectar
GuppTemple of StyxCommon20 Gemstones
ScufferTemple of StyxRare40 Gemstones
StonewhalTemple of StyxLegendary150 Gemstones
MatiChaosCommon100 Darkness
ProjellyChaosRare250 Darkness
VoidskateChaosLegendary500 Darkness
TroutGreeceCommon1 Diamond
BassGreeceRare1 Ambrosia
SturgeonGreeceLegendary1 Titan Blood

You must catch a fish in in all regions, excluding Chaos, to unlock:

Fountain Chambers

Requires 'Fountain Chamber, [LOCATION]' to be purchased from the House Contractor. Each section of the Underworld will need its fountain to be bought individually.

Fountain Chambers are a small break from encounters. They are random and give you the reward along with a fountain that heals you for a percentage of your health.

First Run

Upon entering the game, you will immediately find yourself in an escape attempt. How far you get in this attempt doesn't matter. Use it to familiarise yourself with the controls and certain early game enemies. If this is your first time playing, you likely won't get very far. If you've played before, you may get a decent way, but again it doesn't matter. Once you die (or for the absolute giga-chads), if you actually beat the attempt, you will be transported to the House of Hades.

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