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I'll start out by saying that this is not going to be structured as a normal walkthrough. It doesn't matter if you can clear an escape attempt in five runs or 500. It doesn't matter. Clearing your first attempt will be a trophy in itself, but that is only the beginning. I should also point out there are no missable trophies, which means you can theoretically do any trophy in any order. As such, I will basically skim over the first run and the first successful escape attempt. The contents of those runs aren't that important. After which I will start segregating trophies by areas and prerequisites.

Difficulty Settings

Note: Neither difficulty will disable any trophies.

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God Mode

Instantly makes you tougher, more so whenever you die. Death is not so big a deal in the Underworld. Try this if you find you're struggling, want to focus on the story, or any reason.

This game mode can be toggled on/off at anytime and will make the game easier by:

  • Granting 20% damage resistance
  • Granting an additional 2% on a failed run
    • Capped at 80%

Recommended if you are really struggling or are just looking to experience the game without it being as difficult.

Hell Mode

For all those unafraid of death and other difficult matters, the Pact of Punishment will make your life harder right away.

Set this if you're a veteran of the cycle of death and rebirth, or seeking a purer, more challenging experience.

Caution: You cannot change this later!

This game mode cannot be turned off and will make the game harder by applying the following Rank 1 Pact of Punishments to all runs:

  • Hard Labor
    • All foes deal bonus damage, +20% per rank
  • Lasting Consequences
    • Any health restore less of your Life Total than usual, -25% per rank
  • Jury Summons
    • Foes in standard Encounters appear in greater numbers, +20% per rank
  • Calisthenics Program
    • All foes have higher Life Totals, +15% per rank
  • Personal Liability
    • Your Active Defense (brief invulnerability after a burst of damage) is +100% inactive

Recommended only for experienced players looking to replay the game, or players who enjoy suffering.


cn_X Dash - A movement ability used for evasion and positioning. While dashing, Zagreus is immune to all damage. Zagreus can dash across gaps and through barriers. Attacking during or immediately after dashing performs a Dash Strike. Combat Tip: Dash through enemies and attack their backside for a backstab.

cn_S Attack - A weapon's primary attack, usually a faster hit with a shorter cooldown. Some weapons have a separate attack used by holding cn_S, as opposed to tapping it.

cn_T Special - A weapon's secondary attack, usually a slower hit with a longer cooldown; often has strategic utilities such as ranged or area of effect damage.

cn_O Cast - A long-range spell that launches bloodstones (red diamonds) at foes, dealing 50 base damage on impact. When [icon] hits an enemy, it stays inside the enemy until either they are killed or fifteen seconds elapse, and then it can be collected and launched again.

cn_R2 Call - A powerful ability that is only available if Zagreus has received an 'Aid' Boon from an Olympian. A segmented God Gauge gradually charges as Zagreus takes and inflicts damage; one charge of the gauge can be used for a powerful effect, or the fully-charged gauge can be used for Greater Call, an even more powerful effect. The God Gauge resets between rooms.

Upon using Greater Call for the first time, you will unlock:

cn_L2 Summon - Summons a Cthonic Companion that temporarily aids you with a unique ability (it will be a while before you even have access to this).

cn_R1 Interact - Interfaces with the environment; pick up items, open interactive menus, speak with characters, etc.

cn_L1 Open Codex - Once Zagreus receives the Codex from Achilles, it can be viewed for information on the characters, creatures, and objects that exist in the Underworld and beyond. More importantly, it serves as a record of Zagreus' relationship with characters, and can be upgraded to contain a comprehensive list of all obtainable Boons. The Codex updates as you progress throughout the game.


The HUD is quite minimal, though more elements are added as you progress through the game and unlock more features. These are the HUD elements you begin with:

Image 1

  1. Boon Slots - You begin with four Boon slots for each of Zagreus' abilities. From top to bottom: Attack, Special, Cast, and Dash. Additionally, you will later have access to a fifth slot, for Call, after receiving an 'Aid' Boon from an Olympian. While each slot allows only one Boon to transform its corresponding ability, a different Olympian may later offer to replace it with their own Boon. Once a Boon slot has been filled, more Boons become available to further modify an ability. These secondary Boons, as well as other modifiers - such as Daedalus Hammers, Keepsakes, and Cthonic Companions - are also contained within this HUD element.
  2. Health - The red health bar depletes as you lose HP. When you lose all your HP, Zagreus dies... it is pretty intuitive. You will eventually be able to upgrade Zagreus such that he has a 'second chance' after death; a HUD element representing this will then appear just above the health bar.

    It is not shown in the image above, but the God Gauge will appear below the health bar when the Call slot is filled.

  3. Cast Ammo - An indicator for the ammo that is launched at enemies when casting. There are upgrades that allow Zagreus to have either more ammo or regenerating ammo (as opposed to ammo that dislodges from enemies).

  4. Item List - As you continuously collect items, those that are currently relevant will be listed with their icon and quantity.


There are many currencies in Hades. All are found almost solely in runs, however some will disappear after dying or completing an attempt, whereas others will stay with you. The currencies that are used in and after runs are:

  1. Chthonic Keys - Used to unlock Infernal Arms, and new talents on the Mirror of Night.

  2. Darkness - Used to upgrade talents on the Mirror of Night.

  3. Gemstones - Used to renovate the Underworld and the House of Hades via the House Contractor.

  4. Nectar - Used as gifts for characters, increasing affinity with them and unlocking Keepsakes.

The currencies that are gotten from defeating various bosses are:

  1. Titan Blood - Used to unlock and upgrade Aspects of the Infernal Arms. Dropped after defeating one of the Furies (Megaera, Alecto or Tisiphone), and -*REDACTED*-.

  2. Diamonds - Used for more expensive renovations from the House Contractor and to unlock new music. Dropped after defeating the Bone Hydra.

  3. Ambrosia - Used as gifts for characters, increasing affinity with them and unlocking Companions. Note: These can only be gifted after completing a favour for each character. Dropped after defeating Theseus and Asterius.

The currencies which are used in escape attempts, which go away after the attempt ends, are:

  1. Anvil of Fates - Removes one random Daedalus Hammer upgrade, then gives two random new ones. Only appears in Charon's final shop at random in the Temple of Styx.

  2. Centaur Heart - Increases health by +25.

  3. Charon's Obol - Used to purchase consumables at Wells of Charon or Artifacts and Boons from Charon's shop.

  4. Daedalus Hammer - Used to make a major modification to the current weapon.

  5. Loyalty Card - Reduces prices of items from the Well of Charon and Charon's shop by 20%. Dropped after defeating Charon.

  6. Pom of Power - Increase the effectiveness of an existing Boon.
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