1. Hades Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes


Hello, and welcome to the walkthrough for Hades. I'm your guide, Amlof1, and I'll be going through the game to help you collect all the trophies.

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As Hades is a roguelite game, this walkthrough will be less of a straightforward path and more of a general guide to help you get through the game. For those who do not know what a roguelite is, let me explain what a roguelike is:

A roguelike game, inspired by 1980's Rogue, is a game where levels are procedurally-generated (i.e. somewhat random) and death means that you must start over from the beginning.

A roguelite still has procedurally-generated levels, but death isn't as impactful. You'll still lose most items you obtained in the run, but roguelites usually have a hub where you can permanently upgrade your character.

Enough of the introduction. Let's start unlocking some trophies!

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