9. Hades (EU) (PS4) One for the AgesUpdate notes

The final trophy for the guide is 'One for the Ages'. I've decided to specifically put this one here as it is the true ending, or epilogue, to Hades.

To start with, beat Hades ten times to finish the main story. What this does is it brings Persephone back to the House of Hades, and she is by far the most important character for this prophecy.

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Bringing her back will unlock 'The Queen's Plan' prophecy. You're now required to forge a bond with six of the nine Olympians. This is done by giving them 6 Nectar and then doing a favour for them. The favours and their requirements are:

Zeus: Requires you to talk to other gods to hear what they say about him, as well as him expressing desire to reconnect with Hades, and the response he gives.

Poseidon: Requires you to use the Rod of Fishing and catch at least 18 fish, as well as catching a fish on the run you tell him that it's complete.

Athena: Requires seeing all three of her remarks after clearing a run, and acknowledging Zagreus' strength.

Ares: Requires completing the War-God's Bloodlust prophecy and slaying at least 10,000 enemies in total.

Demeter: Unable to be completed before the epilogue.

Dionysus: Requires you to forge bonds with at least six different characters, and offering at least 10 Ambrosia.

Aphrodite: Requires you to forge bonds with Dusa, Thanatos and Megaera.

Artemis: Requires seeing a few dialogues about her partner, Callisto. Unlocked when Artemis says 'she can be herself around Zagreus'.

Hermes: Requires you to speak with him while having the Lambent Plume equipped, and at Level 3.

These can be quite RNG-based, so just keep going until they happen. Once a god's favour is completed, you will need to give them an Ambrosia, unless it's Hermes, who requires two. After bonds have been forged with six Olympians, you will need to talk to them again until they talk about Persephone.

This should complete 'The Queen's Plan' prophecy. The 'Family Reunion' prophecy will now be unlocked. Simply talk to all nine Olympians and invite them to the House of Hades for a special announcement. Speak to Hades and Persephone in the House of Hades once the invites have been passed out to complete the prophecy, and achieve the true ending of Hades!

This should be one of your last trophies, if not your last to get. Once you've got all the other trophies, your shiny new Platinum will unlock!

Congratulations on completing one of the best games ever made in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed this world of roguelites, Greek mythology and button mashing! I've been Amlof1, see you around!

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