5. Hades (EU) (PS4) Escape AttemptsUpdate notes

As I said earlier, what happens during each escape attempt doesn't overly matter, outside talking to various characters, and picking up currencies. After your first attempt ends in premature failure (or success, for you GOATs), you'll be back in the House of Hades (see previous page).

From the courtyard, head through the door to start new escape attempts.

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The first time you defeat the boss in Tartarus, you'll unlock:

The first time you defeat the boss in Asphodel, you'll unlock:

The first time you defeat the bosses in Elysium, you'll unlock:

After Elysium, you need to clear the Satyr tunnels in the Temple of Styx and find a Satyr Sack to give to Cerberus. There are no trophies tied to the Temple of Styx. Once you've done that, give the sack to Cerberus and head through the doors.

The first time you defeat the boss in Greece, you'll unlock:

After defeating the final boss, you will travel through Greece to meet the Queen of the Underworld. To complete the main story of Hades, you will need to defeat the final boss ten times. However, the tenth time you defeat him, he will simply let you pass and it will count as a win. This can be a great opportunity to use a weapon you dislike, or some mirror talents or Pact of Punishment options that are challenging and difficult.

After defeating the final boss in Greece ten times, you'll unlock:

It's not necessary and I'm not 100% that you even can, but I would recommend not skipping the credits as the song and cutscene is very good.

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