PlayStation 3

HOARD Trophies

Most Earned

Youngling15TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 2
Eager Hoarder
Eager Hoarder27TrophyTypeEarn 25% of HOARD badges
Basic Dragon
Basic Dragon30TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 5
Advanced Dragon
Advanced Dragon50TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 7

Least Earned

Legendary Wyrm
Legendary Wyrm659TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 15
Great Wyrm
Great Wyrm101TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 13
Mythical Hoarder
Mythical Hoarder585TrophyTypeEarn 90% of HOARD badges
Wyrm85TrophyTypeAchieve Hoard Rank 11
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Latest HOARD News

NA PS Now Update - June 2016

Sony has updated the PS Now games list for North America with 50 new additions

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NA Playstation Store Update: April 28th, 2015

As well as the two retail titles that are making it to North America this week, there is a handful of digital offerings too. Be a dictator, deal with barfing trees, wield Sound Weapons or fight the e

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US - Indie Flash Sale is Live on PSN

There are over 60 Indie games (as well as movies) as part of this sale. Coupled with that 10% discount code given out earlier, as well as the 2K and Square Enix sales--this makes for a fantastic week

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Take the Poll: September's Playstation Plus Lineup

Some time ago, we announced the lineup for September on Playstation Plus. Some voices were optimistic and some were not. Now that you've had a chance to play these titles (please play them before vot

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This September, on Playstation Plus

September PlayStation Plus Preview Europe and North America have finally shared the same list of Playstation Plus freebies for the month of September. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUD4IAg8D_o&featu

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