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HITMAN 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Shhhh15TrophyTypePacify any individual.
Unseen Assassin
Unseen Assassin17TrophyTypeAssassinate a Target without getting spotted.
Infiltrator16TrophyTypeComplete Nightcall.
Chameleon20TrophyTypeChange your disguise during The Final Test.

Least Earned

Pure Poetry
Pure Poetry313TrophyTypeComplete all The Pen and the Sword Challenges.
Seven Figures
Seven Figures95TrophyTypeGet a score above 1,000,000 points on The Pen and the Sword.
Hawkeye46TrophyTypeComplete The Pen and the Sword as Silent Assassin.
Double Trouble
Double Trouble46TrophyTypeComplete The Pen and the Sword in Multiplayer.
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