Super GunWorld 2

Super GunWorld 2

PlayStation 4

Super GunWorld 2 Trophies

Most Earned

The Adventure Begins
The Adventure Begins15TrophyTypeStart your adventure on GunWorld.
Whisper On The Wind
Whisper On The Wind15TrophyTypeSpeak with the Spirit of Guns for the first time.
GunWorld's Greatest GunMan
GunWorld's Greatest GunMan18TrophyTypeRecruit Dwayne in the Outlands.
Dwayne Will Always Rein King
Dwayne Will Always Rein King42TrophyTypeConquer Dwayne's Manor and capture Nightmare.

Least Earned

The Ultimate GunMan
The Ultimate GunMan180TrophyTypeCollect every trophy in Super GunWorld 2.
A Full Wardrobe
A Full Wardrobe30TrophyTypePurchase every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire.
Trials Of The GunMan
Trials Of The GunMan476TrophyTypeComplete a Level Rush session.
Back In My Day
Back In My Day476TrophyTypeClear Old-School Mode.
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GunWorld 2 Gets Super As It Arrives On Playstation 4

GunWorld 2, the self-described "sequel no one asked for, to the game that nobody liked," will finally be arriving on Playstation 4, along with an update that'll turn it into Super GunWorld 2.

Posted 2 years ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment

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