Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
Brazil djzero669 djzero669 23 591
Poland czesynowski czesynowski...Ever Dreamer... ...PS4/PS3 GAMER...psn id: czesynowski ...walking movie database [it's in my HEAD 32 1,009
England Flopsy64 Flopsy64PS3/Vita Rhythm game grinding in progress... 34 1,168
Australia KindredSprites KindredSpritesPlanned my route through the alphabet. Probably going to skip X and Z. 30 806
England moosoo19 moosoo19Usually playing Clone Hero & Dark/Demon's Souls (HMU for PvP or item drops). Currently boosting Skate 3 team trophies so hmu if you've got a team. 48 2,303
Denmark shanghai83 shanghai83Always ready for Tekken 31 1,179
USA sonicfreak1986 sonicfreak1986Please check out my boosting blog to see what games I'm working on. 46 2,197
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