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    26 Nov 2021
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    PS5 got a huge load of "upgraded" games when it first came out on to the market. Greedfall was an unexpected one, but considering it is probably Spiders best title, it isn't wholely surprising that they decided to do it.

    Gameplay is exactly the same as you'd expect, they haven't changed much, except extreme difficulty seems a tad harder at the start than I personally remember. You have a set base class of Technician, warrior and mage, Technician is a long range, gadget using cross between the two other classes, if you so choose to unlock a few spells too. Mage and Warrior are pretty self explanatory.

    Everything is the same, level system, combat, tactical display, everything. What isn't somilar is the graphics, but you may not really notice this at first. It's alot clearer, rounded abd on the whole more beautiful visuals than before. Looking over the cliff into nothingness doesn't have any graphical issues the original did (not that it mattered to the original anyway).

    Performance is also better. It doesn't make use of faster loading times on PS5, although, the game still requires a loading screen, but thankfully the loading screen merchant is back to give you something to do in the meantime. The levels do load faster though if you decide you don't want to talk to him.

    Conbat no longer freezes in the rare intervals that it used to do. Everything is smoother and more fluid in its workings.

    If you enjoyed the PS4 release, it's worth revisiting, if you never did, try it, it isn't the greatest RPG in the world, but it is super strong from a studio that really worked game to game on improving from the days of Bound by Flame and Technomancer.

    + Shiny new visuals (magpie magnet)
    + Performs a lot more stably
    + Storyline is fun
    + Loading times cut...
    - ...still uses loading screens.
    - Seems they've tweeked difficulties when they didn't need to
    - Some clipping errors still haunt her excellency.
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