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    Rockstar have done it again!

    This review is more or less the same as my previous one I wrote on GTA V for the ps3 but with added improvements dramatically.

    Grand Theft Auto V is not for the faint hearted. I would definitely stick to the parental guidance on this game! Me personally, I love it!

    I really enjoyed the graphic torture scene and the story lines between the characters. It was interesting switching between all three of the characters, during these story lines and random events of where the characters are i.e Trevor wearing a dress in the middle of nowhere drunk!

    Michael, Franklin & Trev are 3 totally different and diverse protagonist's within GTA V and they each have there own unique feel to the game, whether it be the cars or how the interact with each other or just how they react to random AI's is pure genius.

    With this new introduction into a GTA series was it going to work well? Again I played and spent rather a lot of my time in the new first person mode, driving and flying air craft is obviously different and rather fantastic, seeing the vehicles interior and when you change the radio station is a neat little trick when you look around the console of the car. Fighting and using weapons in first person is absolutely fantastic and as fat as I'm concerned they could not have done it any better.


    I found searching for the collectibles rather enjoyable this time round as it wasn't boring or a drag. It felt like you got something out of it at the end as well!

    With the addition of all the DLC vehicles and for players that are coming over from the ps3 or xbox 360 you get to see a few vehicles that wasn't available in the first installment of GTA V (which was a shame). The Blista Compact (brilliant little vehicle for damage) and a few new additions that have just been introduced, the new bike is sleek and powerful for them stunt jumps that are maybe just to tricky in a car.

    Since Rockstar last launced GTA V on the PS3 & XBOX 360, they have learnt to listen to what players want online. More weapons, more missions that pay out the RP and cash it deserves to help them rank up and purchase the items they desire and crave. They also give us free DLC (which they didn't have to do)! So it seems Rockstar have ironed out all the little teething problems they first had.

    I am personally looking forward to the heists (who isn't)! It seems it may be here sooner rather than later and again this will bring alot more fun and challenges to the streets in Los Santos smile


    Overall Grand Theft Auto V is a very enjoyable game to play both online with friends and single player finding out what your character is upto. It is a game I will continue to play for a long time to come
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    AttaMortemIt is a good game but a game with glitched/bugged trophies should never be given 5 stars especially on a site like this.
    Bug 1. Stunt Jumps completed has an occasional bug when all 50 jumps are completed it randomly removes one...leaving 49 out of 50 complete. Players must redo jumps to find out which one was removed. (Found this today, quick search of the internet shows it is quite common).
    Bug 2. The complete final mission doesn't always pop and players are required to reply the mission selecting a different outcome.
    Posted by AttaMortem On 03 Jan 16 at 18:52
    Paully005Good review!
    Posted by Paully005 On 29 Jul 16 at 17:18
    davem300490Thanks bud! smile
    Posted by davem300490 On 29 Jul 16 at 17:21
    F1CoffeeWhat about the Doomsday DLC?
    Posted by F1Coffee On 14 May 18 at 00:37
    davem300490Hey F1Coffee, I wrote this review back in 2014. This was years before the Doomsday DLC was released. I've also yet to come back to GTA and play the DLC other than the original heists so I focused primarily on the main game and online where I could.
    Posted by davem300490 On 14 May 18 at 06:00
    F1CoffeeGood review though!
    Posted by F1Coffee On 19 May 18 at 08:57
    davem300490Thank you smile
    Posted by davem300490 On 19 May 18 at 17:21
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