Gran Turismo 5

PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo 5 Trophies

Most Earned

Win Number One
Win Number One16TrophyTypeWin your first A-Spec event race.
Speed Demon
Speed Demon16TrophyTypeAchieve a speed of 300km/h.
National B License
National B License17TrophyTypeComplete the B License.
The Right Direction
The Right Direction19TrophyTypeWin your first B-Spec event race.

Least Earned

Gold Standard
Gold Standard473TrophyTypeGet a gold trophy in every race event, license test and special event.
GT-R Official Record
GT-R Official Record66TrophyTypeAchieve a time of 7'29.03 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a Nissan GT-R '07. The record must be achieved in a Time Trial in the Arcade mode version of the car with tires of Sports Hard grade or lower equipped.
Car Collector
Car Collector61TrophyTypeFill your Garage with 1,000 cars.
Excellent Driver
Excellent Driver120TrophyTypeReach A-Spec Level 40.
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