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    When I saw the live-action trailer for God of War: Ascension, I was so excited to pick up this game and learn more of Kratos' past. The game didn't disappoint! Well, maybe a bit.

    God of War delves into one of my favourite forms of fiction (or non-fiction... who knows, right?) of all time, Greek Mythology. The game has always found the right balance of adding all the different gods, creatures and heroes of ancient Greek literature.

    This story follows our anti-hero, Kratos, right after his allegiance to Ares - the God of War - came to an abrupt end. The Furies, agents of Ares, hunt down Kratos for breaking his blood oath to the malevolent God and to imprison him in their crude prison fortress for all eternity. Throughout this story we learn more of Kratos' troubled past and the struggles he had to endure before entering his 10-year service to the Gods of Olympus.

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    The story, unlike the other God of War games, includes a past-and-present, semi-linear storyline. It will show what's happening with Kratos at the moment, and then show how he acquired a certain item or got to a certain location in the past. He has broken his blood oath towards Ares, which is a big no-no in the eyes of the Furies. Throughout the game Kratos is plagued with hallucinations of what he desires but cannot have anymore.

    Ascension also features the plethora of creatures and undead that people come to expect of the series. These creatures and bosses, as usual, look as if they flew right of the pages of Greek mythos and are extremely well done.

    The story was pretty interesting but in my opinion didn't have any memorable characters. After so many God of War games and all the great characters and villains throughout them you'll see that a lot of these characters, whether enemies or allies, don't stick in your mind.

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    For any of you non-God of War veterans out there (where have you been?) God of War: Ascension is a hack 'n' slash game that contains many button-prompting sequences during battles and interacting with the environment, as well. The combat in the God of Wars has evolved dramatically and become more complex with each game, allowing for gamers to string together powerful combinations and executions while killing a vast army of undead, warriors and creatures alike.

    Ascension implements many of the new types of combat and flow of the newer versions in the series. I loved how you had the charging ability in Ghost of Sparta and the plethora of destructive finishers in III and this is carried on into Ascension and adds nostalgia to the awesome hack 'n' slash game. In this iteration, a run feature was added and by tapping L3 you can now have Kratos sprint which saves time while trying to get to a certain area. Ascension typically uses the same sort of gameplay that's used in all of the God of War games, so for the veterans out there you will be able to pick it up and get right into it with slight changes in button layout.

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    The weapons were a big disappointment in this Ascension; they are just the Blades of Chaos... with different elements, which isn't very exciting. One of the big factors in the God of War series was that they had such unique weapons, such as in II when you could smash undead soldiers into the ground with the mighty Barbarian Hammer.

    There is a balance, however, to the different elemental attacks endowed in the Blades such as how Lightning is quicker than the other powers and that Fire creates a firestorm for swarming enemies but these abilities get bland and doesn't make the game memorable; even the PSP games in the series had a variety of weapons and they are more interesting than the abilities in this. What was interesting about the different choice in elemental powers is that by using a certain type you'll obtain extra Magic, Health, or Upgrade orbs in which to help you in a tight spot. Ran out of magic? Switch to the Lightning power and kill something to get awarded with extra magic orbs. It really assists you while playing on higher difficulties and being in tight jams.

    Something that really peaked my interest when I heard about it was the addition of a Multiplayer for the God of War series. This mode is very interesting and I found that it was well balanced and fun to play.

    You are given a champion and the choice of which God to serve under. Each God has their own perk while dedicated to them. Some of the game modes were really fun to play such as it's own version of capture the flag or king of the hill. Regular slayer is still the most fun though. It pretty much feels like you're playing the main story, but in multiplayer with others. When you weaken them enough you even have a finisher for them, as well!

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    Certain levels have dangers to them, including a level where a gigantic Cyclops in the background is wreaking havoc and the point is to score more by doing damage to it and defeating it. In team matches this is sometimes the main point of the match: preventing the other team from defeating it and using arena traps to hinder their path or kill them.

    If you're an avid Trophy Hunter then you'll be glad to hear that this game is relatively easy in terms of gaining the Platinum Trophy. After doing a regular playthrough I earned most of the Trophies available and others are achieved by doing specific actions in a level, much like the other God of War games in the series.

    God of War: AscensionLubed upThe Lubed up trophy in God of War: Ascension worth 50 pointsComplete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dying

    Many are quite fun to accomplish and it should be an entertaining completion. In my opinion, I'm glad there's no multiplayer achievements, except for completing the initial tutorial.

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    God of War: Ascension was entertaining as always. I love hack 'n' slash games with a passion and it entertained me greatly. To be honest though this game was forgettable, the story didn't have much of an impact on me and none of the enemies or allies in this game were memorable. It looks fantastic, plays fantastic (minus the generic weapons) and had the same classic God of War feel, but out of all the games I'd say it is my least favourite.
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