Gloomhaven (PS4)

Gloomhaven (PS4)

Gloomhaven (PS4)

Gloomhaven (PS4) Trophies

Full list of all 62 Gloomhaven trophies - 45 bronze, 15 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 51 trophies, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 11 trophies.


Base Game (Excludes DLC)

Base Game (Excludes DLC)
  • Legend of Gloomhaven

    Platinum trophy is awarded when all core game trophies are unlocked.

  • Power Up!

    Have a party of 4 mercenaries with at least one enhanced card each

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  • Overkill

    Attack for 20 or more damage in a single attack and complete a scenario.

  • Master Assassin

    Have a mercenary in your party deal more than 200 damage in a scenario

  • Vaccine Incoming

    Heal more than 60 hit points as a party in a scenario

  • The Sniper

    Win a scenario dealing no Melee damage

  • Spread the plague

    Kill an enemy with four or more negative conditions and complete a scenario.

  • A normal day in Gloomhaven

    Complete a scenario in Normal difficulty or higher

  • A tough job

    Complete a Job mission in Brutal difficulty or higher

  • Pack leader

    Use 5 or more summon actions with the Summoner in a scenario

  • Augmented rat

    Use 5 or more Augments with the Mindthief in a scenario

  • The Pro from Dover

    Give 10 or more Medical Packs or Large Medical Packs in a scenario

  • Pretty lights!

    Consume at least one of each element with Elementalist during a scenario and complete a scenario.

  • Get over here!

    Have the brute in your party use Push or Pull actions 6 or more times in a scenario

  • Mine... All Mine...

    Have the Scoundrel in your party loot 14 or more gold piles in a scenario

  • Just when I thought I was out...

    Recover 7 burned cards with Spellweaver actions in a round and complete a scenario.

  • Pain is your friend

    Use 10 or more abilities that damage yourself with the Berserker in a scenario

  • Obstacle race

    Place 6 or more obstacles with the Cragheart in a scenario

  • Black death

    Poison 10 or more enemies with the Plagueherald in a scenario

  • Light of my life

    Have the Sunkeeper buff allies 10 or more times in a scenario

  • Quad damage

    Have the Quartermaster in your party do 4 or more attack actions in a single round and complete a scenario.

  • Now you see me...

    Have the Nightshroud kill 8 or more enemies while invisible in a scenario

  • Grin and bear it

    Have the Beast Tyrant's Bear do 100 or more damage and kill 6 or more enemies in a scenario

  • Play it again, Sam

    Use 5 or more Songs in the same scenario with the Soothsinger

  • Doom and gloom

    Kill 10 or more Doomed enemies in a scenario with Doomstalker

  • Anatomy Lesson

    Inflict 4 or more different negative conditions with the Tinkerer actions in a scenario

  • The Pacifist

    Complete a scenario without any mercenary in your party killing an enemy


Jaws of the Lion

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Jaws of the Lion
  • An axe to grind

    Have the Hatchet use The Favourite in 5 or more attacks in a scenario

  • Crimson Tornado

    Have the Red Guard damage enemies 10 or more times with the Sand Devil in a scenario

  • Murder Death Kill

    Have the Demolitionist destroy 8 or more obstacles in a scenario

  • Born Support

    Have the VoidWarden grant 10 or more actions to other mercenaries in a scenario

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Gloomhaven FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Gloomhaven?
    There are 62 trophies in Gloomhaven - 45 bronze, 15 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of Gloomhaven trophies here.
  • Is Gloomhaven on PlayStation Plus?
    No, Gloomhaven is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did Gloomhaven release on PlayStation?
    Gloomhaven was released on September 18th, 2023.