Ghostbusters: The Video Game Reviews

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    30 Sep 2014
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    The game makes A LOT of references to the movies (especially the 1st), in fact it picks up after where the last one left off. If you go in playing this game without ever seeing the movies or even worst, having no idea who The Ghostbusters are, there's a very good chance that you're going to be lost. While I've never been a fan of silent protagonists, I did think it was a good idea to have the "recruit" as the primary character. This way, the story isn't just being experienced from just one of the original Ghostbusters' point of view (much like the movies). Gameplay wise, its fun and simplistic yet redundant. Again, here's where the much needed fandom comes basically do the same thing over and over again but just in different environments. If you're like me and just love wrangling ghosts into traps, then this won't be a problem...for everyone else however, you will get bored quick. The online multiplayer is pretty awesome with a variety of modes to play in (CO-OP capture, survival, and zone protection). Story wise...meh. Its a lot of the same stuff from the movies (must stop evil demon from crossing over into our world, blah, blah, blah) except with half @ss voice acting.

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    - Excellently rendered character models
    - Plenty of Ghostbuster nostagia for fans
    - Authentic voices and music
    - Challenging trophies to collect offline
    - Online Multiplayer is fun
    - Has a few funny parts (especially the haunted bell-bottoms that follow you around in HQ)

    What's Not-So-Good:

    - Redundant gameplay
    - Its easy to get overwhelmed by hoards of enemies that attack you at once
    - A lot of time is spent reviving your Ghostbuster buddies
    - The story doesn't do much to seperate itself from the movies
    - Uneven difficulty of bosses. Seriously, the 2nd boss was a lot more difficult than the final boss!

    What's Bad:

    - The voice acting isn't all that great
    - Sliming things really got annoying
    - The game doesn't do much to please those new to Ghostbusters or to create new fans

    In all, despite its lack of depth Ghostbusters is a really fun game. Its a must play for all fans of the movies and cartoon but may "scare" away everyone else.