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Ghost Giant Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up new trophies for Ghost Giant. There are 32 trophies, 12 of which are hidden.

Posted 3 years ago by Rich Stone

Ghost Giant Pre-Orders Now Available

You'll soon be able to get your hands on the game, and with the title due to arrive next month, pre-orders have become available for the physical edition of the game at retailers in America.

Posted 3 years ago by Rebecca Smith

E3 2018 Made It Harder Than Ever to Resist PlayStation VR

As someone who doesn't own a PlayStation VR, I've never felt more jealous of those who have picked one up than I do right now. E3 2018 was full of exciting game reveals for the headset. Maybe now is the time?

Posted 4 years ago by Sam Quirke

Poll: What Did You Think of PlayStation's E3?

Taking the long view of Sony's conference, quite a lot of stuff was talked about and revealed -- even if the main show didn't impress everybody. What was your opinion of Sony's E3 presence this year?

Posted 4 years ago by Sam Quirke

Ghost Giant Brings a Helping Hand to PlayStation VR

As the player, you're tasked with befriending Louis and helping him in his day to day life. The catch is that you're not just any old villager -- you're the game's titular ghost giant.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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