Get Over Here

PlayStation 4

Get Over Here Trophies

Most Earned

Double Kill
Double Kill15TrophyTypePerform a Double Kill on any game mode.
Taunted and Baited!
Taunted and Baited!15TrophyTypeTaunt one of your enemies.
Killing Spree
Killing Spree16TrophyTypeGo on a Killing Spree
Live by the Sword
Live by the Sword16TrophyTypeGrab the Awesome Sword.

Least Earned

Triple Kill
Triple Kill17TrophyTypePerform a Triple Kill on any game mode.
Unstoppable16TrophyTypeReach the Unstopable status.
Sudden Death
Sudden Death33TrophyTypeFight in a Sudden Death brawl.
Subzero16TrophyTypeGet a kill on a frozen enemy.
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