Get Off My Lawn (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Get Off My Lawn (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Firing Blanks
Firing Blanks15TrophyTypeMiss 8 times in a row.
Last Ditch Effort
Last Ditch Effort20TrophyTypeUse a last stand
Grunt Shooter
Grunt Shooter22TrophyTypeKill 1000 grunts with the musket.
You are the one
You are the one23TrophyTypeKill 7 enemies during a single cane time.

Least Earned

Grunt Zapper
Grunt Zapper72TrophyTypeKill 5000 grunts with the ray gun
Tank Zapper
Tank Zapper209TrophyTypeKill 1000 tanks with the ray gun.
Dodger Blaster
Dodger Blaster28TrophyTypeKill 500 dodgers with the shotgun.
War of the Lawn
War of the Lawn56TrophyTypeReach level 20.
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