Garden of the Sea Trophies

Here is the full list of all 10 Garden of the Sea trophies - there are 5 bronze, 3 silver and 2 gold.

  • Baby Steps

    Becoming a gardener takes practice.

  • The Big Blue

    You need a boat to travel the seas. Look for parts scattered around the island.

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  • Happy Camper

    Look above the campsite. Someone can help you raise a tent.

  • Compact Living

    Collect the resources needed to build a house.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Collect resources needed to expand your house.

  • Home Sweet Castle

    Collect the resources needed to add even more floors to your home

  • Fine Tuned

    Uncover the mysteries of the Crystal Island.

  • Reef Mignon

    Lend a helping hand on Coral Island.

  • Bamboozled

    Find your way to friendship through a maze of vegetation.

  • Reunited

    Reunite the deities and carry on the legacy.

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    Garden of the Sea FAQ
    • How many trophies are there in Garden of the Sea?
      There are 10 trophies in Garden of the Sea - 5 bronze, 3 silver and 2 gold.
      You can view the full list of Garden of the Sea trophies here.
    • Is Garden of the Sea on PlayStation Plus?
      No, Garden of the Sea is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
    • When did Garden of the Sea release on PlayStation?
      Garden of the Sea was released on February 22nd, 2023.