Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts Trophies

Full list of all 19 Gang Beasts trophies - 19 bronze.

  • Drop Kick

    Concuss an enemy with a diving kick

  • Shutout

    Win a game of soccer without the opposition scoring in the soccer game mode

  • Buoy ‘o buoy

    Climb to the highest section of the buoy on the buoy stage

  • Sea Legs

    Escape from the water on the buoy stage

  • Special Delivery

    Break the cables supporting a container without falling on the containers stage

  • Self Storage

    Get inside a shipping container on the containers stage

  • Ground Floor

    Break the cables supporting an elevator without falling on the elevators stage

  • Hang Tough

    Break the cables supporting a gondola without falling on the gondola stage

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  • Big Head

    Concuss an enemy with a diving headbutt

  • Bucket List

    Pass through the orange chute on the girders stage

  • Roast Beef

    Escape from the incinerator hazard on the incinerator stage

  • Welcome to Beef City

    Customize a character on the character customization screen

  • Sit Down

    Collide with the seating and the railings on the ring stage

  • Long Haul

    Pass through three road signs on the trucks stage

  • Step Down

    Break the stairs on the towers stage

  • Keep on Trucking

    Climb onto the roof of a truck on the trucks stage