Galaxy Hotel

PlayStation 4

Galaxy Hotel Trophies

Most Earned

My First Quest
My First Quest15TrophyTypeCleared the first quest!
Can't we all just be friends?
Can't we all just be friends?17TrophyTypeMediated a brawl!
Out of this world!
Out of this world!17TrophyTypeRaised a facility to its maximum level.
5-Star Hotel
5-Star Hotel21TrophyTypeRaised your reputation to 5 stars!

Least Earned

Where's the vault?
Where's the vault?15TrophyTypeAccrued 100,000,000 en!
The Whole Cake
The Whole Cake30TrophyTypeCleared hard mode!
Did I miss one?
Did I miss one?30TrophyTypeCompleted the Customer List!
Space management? That's just good planning!
Space management? That's just good planning!30TrophyTypeCompletely filled all space with all grounds unlocked!
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