Gal*Gun 2 (JP)

Gal*Gun 2 (JP)

PlayStation 4

Gal*Gun 2 (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

My First Ecstacy Shot
My First Ecstacy Shot15TrophyTypeGet an ecstacy shot for the first time.
My First Job
My First Job15TrophyTypeClear your first regular mission.
Elite Pheromone Sniper
Elite Pheromone Sniper96TrophyTypeGet 50 ecstacy shots in a row.
My First Lovestrike
My First Lovestrike16TrophyTypePerform a Lovestrike for the first time.

Least Earned

Walking Phonebook
Walking Phonebook161TrophyTypeGet every girls' phone number.
True Gal Gun Master
True Gal Gun Master322TrophyTypeUnlock every trophy.
My Little Observer
My Little Observer54TrophyTypeFinish Nanako's route A.
Demon's Pranks
Demon's Pranks54TrophyTypeFinish Nanako's route B.
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