Gundam Breaker 3

Gundam Breaker 3

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Gundam Breaker 3 Trophies

Most Earned

Novice Gunpla Builder
Novice Gunpla Builder15TrophyTypeUnlock Parts Synthesis
Destroyer of Gundams
Destroyer of Gundams16TrophyTypeDestroy a PG machine for the first time
Town Cup Championship 1
Town Cup Championship 131TrophyTypeWin the Town Cup
Version Up
Version Up16TrophyTypeUnlock Builders Parts

Least Earned

BUILD KINGDOM:Weapon/Parts Completed
BUILD KINGDOM:Weapon/Parts Completed288TrophyTypeDLC No.6「BUILD KINGDOM」Gold:Obtain all additional DLC Parts regardless of HG/MG
BUILD KINGDOM:Builder Parts Completed
BUILD KINGDOM:Builder Parts Completed89TrophyTypeDLC No.6「BUILD KINGDOM」Silver:Obtain all additional DLC Builder Parts
BUILD EVOLUTION:Weapon/Parts Completed
BUILD EVOLUTION:Weapon/Parts Completed263TrophyTypeDLC No.4「BUILD EVOLUTION」Gold:Obtain all additional DLC Parts regardless of HG/MG
BUILD ABSOLUTE:Builder Parts Completed
BUILD ABSOLUTE:Builder Parts Completed85TrophyTypeDLC No.5「BUILD ABSOLUTE」Silver:Obtain all additional DLC Builder Parts
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