2. Funk of Titans General hints and tips


On Foot:
cn_X - Jump
cn_S - Whack

On Pegasus:
cn_X / cn_S - Hold to gain height, release to lose height

Tips and Tricks:

  • Never jump too soon next to objects or people as it's easy to misjudge where you'll land
  • Always break the vases, they contain a coin each that's needed to hundred-percent a level
  • When whacking, a single swipe can usually deal with a group of close enemies, as the backlash does damage too
  • Be careful not to spam the whack button, after three quick presses, your character does a finishing move that can cost you a jump or a fall to your death
  • Some levels have weather effects or turn the world into silhouettes, this can be very distracting, so stay focused on your character and his path ahead
  • Their are three main weapons you'll need: Flaming unlocked at Zeus Level 4, Nerd (Double Nerd can also be used) at Level 7, and Traffic Sign at level 9
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