1. Funk of Titans Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Funk of Titans Walkthrough

Funk of Titans is a fun and addictive side view game, mixed between a Mario style game with a hint of dance off. As simple as collect coins, kill enemies and funk it out with a boss or two.
The game is split between three worlds, Pop, Rap and Rock. Each has a Grunt boss midway and a Titan boss as a finisher.

The game shouldn't take you too long, maybe 4-5 hours, depending on skill. It's pretty much trial and error, but overall a pretty easy game.

The whole game consists of levels that can be replayed over and over so don't worry if you don't get all the medals on your first run. Some people report that the medals carry over, some say they don't, so to make it easier, try to aim for all three medals at once.

So Let's Begin...

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