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From Shadows
Type Game
Publisher Klabater
Platform PS4
Discovered 26 May 2021
Last check 27 May 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 26 May 2021

A vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE - creatures of the dark born of anger and blood are the last hope for a world taken over by black magic. Led by a mysterious sage, Cornelius, they’ll have to face hellish hordes of demons and fight through 21 sprawling levels before they can defeat the ULTIMATE EVIL!

- split-screen cooperative gameplay
- 2 unlikely heroes - a vicious WEREWOLF and a cunning VAMPIRE
- 12 unique, upgradeable skills
- 24 menacing enemy types
- towering bosses straight from hell
- 21 sprawling levels
- hand-drawn artwork
- day & night cycle

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United States $4.99 View
Canada $6.99 View
United Kingdom £4.99 View
Europe €5.99 View
Australia $8.95 View
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