Frisky Business

PlayStation 4

Frisky Business Trophies

Most Earned

Peeping Frisk
Peeping Frisk15TrophyTypePeep through all the girls windows
A Detective and a Gentleman
A Detective and a Gentleman16TrophyTypeDated Lucy
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce17TrophyTypeDated Balbina
Estupido17TrophyTypePiss off Balbina

Least Earned

Alternate Realities
Alternate Realities48TrophyTypeGet all possible endings
Gottas Bang'em All
Gottas Bang'em All45TrophyTypeGet it on with all the girls
Just the Facts, Ma'am
Just the Facts, Ma'am20TrophyTypeComplete a play through with no sexy times
Puppy Love
Puppy Love20TrophyTypeGet it on with Jenny X4
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