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Posted on 04 March 18 at 04:41
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Based on Game as of March 2018

Graphics - 8/10

While the graphics aren't on the scale of Dark Souls or Mass Effect, they are what they set out to be: Levels that look like they were ripped from the movies. The setting is at a number of various maps taken from the movies and if you pause the movies at the right times then you can see just how much detail they put into each level. In some areas it looks exactly like the movie has shown while others are slightly different but still have the same feel of the late 70's/early 80's summer camp vibe. Having some of the people who helped make the movies work with them really shows how good it gets.

Controls - 6/10

Due to it being mostly online player based, there can be distinct issues with the controls responding due to lag but if you get a good connection the issues mostly iron themselves out. Sometimes the game doesn't register commands being pressed like when trying to barricade the door or start the car and that can lead to a quick and messy death. It's gotten better since launch but issues still remain.

Audio - 8/10

The audio is great. The team has made the ambiance amazing and they even got the composer for the original movie to assist by making the music for the game. There's also various other songs from groups like The Misfits that have been included that you hear in the car and at various points. When you're running alone in the rain and listening for any change in the music to cue that Jason has found you, your heart gets racing.

Story - 6/10

There's very little to the story beyond you're a camp counselor and Jason is trying to kill you. Your options are escape, kill him (good luck) or die trying. There is the Virtual Cabin which had been added recently and while it doesn't have a story, it does include a massive amount of behind the scenes information for the game and movies. It also has surprises and puzzles to figure out to find secrets that give hints towards future DLC.

Gameplay - 9/10

This game plays like you were living out a Friday the 13th movie. There's a variety of characters in the game you can play as that all have various strengths and weaknesses and are based off of characters from the movies. They range from generic characters like the Jock and Punker Chick to the exact characters from the movies like Shelly who was the original owner of Jasons mask. You can get a wide variety of perks which can be applied to any character you have unlocked which can modify your playstyle and there's a large variety of weapons, gear and items to pick up that are scattered all across the map in somewhat random locations. You can work together using Mics and when paired with the walkie talkies found in-game, you can co-ordinate across the map or just go it alone and try to escape.

There's also quite a few different types of Jasons to play as that range from F13 Part 2 with the bag on his head to Jason goes to Hell and even a (sadly) Kickstarter Backer only Jason that had escaped from Hell after his last movie. All of them have unique kills and weapons to murder people with and varying each one is stronger or weaker in various aspects from the others. Some are able to teleport much quicker while having a slowdown in the water while others are able to Sense from further away while not being able to run. They even got Kane Hodder who was Jason in four of the movies to reprise his iconic role.

Overall - 8/10

I'm a huge horror fan and have been since I was a kid. This game was like a dream come true despite the bugs. When it first released, it was terrible to play online due to the pathetic cheaters taking advantage of gaps in the map or glitches to 'hide' from Jason. Over the last few months, the game has been patched several times and is continuing to get updates and extra content. While there's still a number of issues that need attention, I love the game and will continue playing it for quite some time to come.
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