Fret Nice

PlayStation 3

Fret Nice Trophies

Most Earned

Ready to rock
Ready to rock15TrophyTypeClear the first level
Skull and crushed bones
Skull and crushed bones26TrophyTypeCrush 10 skulls without touching the ground
Ambitiously ambidextrous
Ambitiously ambidextrous44TrophyTypeClear at least 3 levels with all 3 controller types
Best friends forever
Best friends forever44TrophyTypeRevive another player 10 times in co-op

Least Earned

The Per Lundberg syndrome
The Per Lundberg syndrome371TrophyTypeGet 100% of all medals
Stabilized62TrophyTypeGet all medals in any level
Incognito124TrophyTypeClear each level collecting less than 20 points
Given to wail
Given to wail124TrophyTypeClear all levels using a guitar
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