Frantics Trophies

Full list of all 34 Frantics trophies - 21 bronze, 6 silver, 6 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Against The Fox's Will

    Win a game session (not just a single mini game) as the Elk.

  • Cool Burger

    Win a game session (not just a single mini game) WEARING SUNGLASSES.

  • Friendly Party

    End all mini-games in a session in a draw.

  • Playing The Market

    An auction in a mini-game or bonus challenge ends with all items being sold.

  • Too Hot!

    A player is sabotaged with hotsauce three times in one round.

  • Impossible!

    Both players get a crown in Backstabbers Dilemma.

  • Double Rocket

    In Icicle Pickle, a player is hit by a bottle rocket twice without landing in between, then lands on the ground afterward.

  • Impossible Tower

    Stack four animals on top of each other in Friendless Runner.

  • On A Mission

    Complete a secret mission.

  • Hoarder

    A player entered The Grand Finale, The Crown Finale or Quick Ending with five or more crowns.

  • Sharing Is Caring

    The explosive doughnut switched between all animals in a single round in Dough Knights.

  • Misstep

    The animal carrying the soup was exploded by a mine in Trappy Fields.

  • Nut Enough?

    Players tip over five chestnut traps in a single round of Jetpack Nut Job.

  • Have It All

    Have five different items on one rocket at the same time in Thrust Issues.

  • Dad Reflexes!

    Catch a bomb (thrown by another animal) while it is in the air, then throw it again in Bomb Slingers.

  • Careful Critters

    Everyone stays alive for 30 seconds (in a non-practice round) in Big-Top Hoppity Hop.

  • Bulls-eye!

    Play a round where all animals score at least one point in Chair Riots.

  • Safe Driver

    Drive a full lap without dying in Tour de Frantics.

  • Sweet Revenge

    Score a goal when you have no lives left in Heavy Metal.

  • Tall Order

    Cross the finish line stacked on another animal in Friendless Runner.

  • Full Bling-Bling

    Win a round in Hot-Rod Heroes with no standard parts on your vehicle.

  • We're All In This Together

    End the game with all animals standing on the platform in Kings of the Hill.

  • Piggyback Victory

    Win a piggyback victory in Icicle Pickle.

  • Hot Exploding Potato

    Pass one dynamite between all animals in Parachuchu.

  • Filthy Rich

    A player is in possession of 50 coins or more when reaching The Grand Finale, The Crown Finale or Quick Ending.

  • Best of One

    Win a game session when playing alone with 2 AI players.

  • Full Party

    Complete a game session (not just a single mini game) with 4 non-AI players.

  • Party Animal

    Complete game sessions with all available animals.

  • Follow Your Dreams

    Make and play through a custom game pack.

  • Connoisseur

    Complete all 14 mini-games.

  • Be There AND Be Square

    Win 1st place in a round of Hot-Rod Heroes with both front and back square wheels.

  • Dressed To Impress

    Finish a game session (not just a single mini game) with all 4 animals wearing a customisation item.