Fractured Minds Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed143,284
    17 Nov 2019
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    Mental health illnesses and disorders is getting better understood as the years roll on. This game is perhaps the first game that really drives home what it is like. Recently I've read books that approach the subject much like this game. I have a big black dog plays with the idea of the monster in the room. The dog in the book sucks all the life out of the sufferer and makes it easier to understand from someone on the outside.

    Fractured Minds does essentially the same. From the beginning you're introduced to "The Monster" this is the representation of the sufferers inner demons/thoughts that drives their behaviour. Told through on screen text, it shows how internalised bullying really works within the mind of a depressed person.

    As someone who actually suffers with depression and anxiety, this game really spoke to me, it isn't a world beater for deffinite, but this is not why Emily has created the artistic game.

    The feeling is true to how the inside of an sufferers mind works. Even the positive can be destroyed by the monster. The illness is like being chased by your own thoughts and the ending is set up to show what it is like to pretty much escape these thoughts and details the enevitable vicous cycle that goes on within the mind.

    A beatuifully done game that really tries to push the understanding of mental illness', although it's only 15 - 20 minutes long,it is worth looking at if you know someone affected by this crippling illness.