Fortnite (EU)

PlayStation 4

Fortnite (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Gunsmith15TrophyTypeCraft your first weapon
Some Sort of Rocket
Some Sort of Rocket15TrophyTypeComplete your first mission
Take Out Those Husks
Take Out Those Husks15TrophyTypeProtect the survivors
Shelter from the Storm
Shelter from the Storm15TrophyTypeComplete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1"

Least Earned

Talented Builder
Talented Builder30TrophyTypeBuild 500,000 Structures in successful missions
Hero of the Storm
Hero of the Storm180TrophyTypeEarn all other Fortnite trophies to collect this trophy
Plays Well with Others
Plays Well with Others2560TrophyTypeComplete 1,000 Play With Others missions
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel1810TrophyTypeSave 10,000 Survivors in successful missions
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Latest Fortnite (EU) News

Fortnite v3.6 Brings Clingers and Noble Launchers

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Epic Games has now released v3.6, which brings along two new weapons and a whole host of other gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Posted 6 hours ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Fortnite v3.5 Brings Back 50v50 and New Weapons

The latest patch, v3.5, brings along a returning limited time game mode, new weapons, and a new questline for Save The World, amongst other gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Posted 5 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 1 comment

Fortnite 50v50 V2 Trailer and v3.5.1 Patch Notes

Epic Games has released a trailer for Fortnite's 50v50 v2 Limited Time Mode, which is coming to consoles this week and promises two battle buses and an epic fight to achieve one Victory Royale.

Posted 8 days ago by Luc1d, 0 comments

Fortnite Introduces Port-a-Fort Grenades

Love Fortnite but aren’t too keen on building a proper fort? Publisher and Developer Epic Games decided to tease fans with a new item that will surely affect gamers across all platforms.

Posted 13 days ago by Will Cruz, 1 comment

Fortnite Previews Update v3.5

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Epic Games is now preparing update v3.5 to be released soon, and the latest developer update video gives players a sneak preview of what they can expect for the Save The World mode.

Posted 16 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

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