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God of War Gets Five BAFTA Game Awards

If you were one of the people to watch the BAFTA Game Awards 2019 last night, you might have seen one title have an extremely successful night.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

The Best PS4 Third-Person Shooters Available in 2019

There's no shortage of third-person shooters to choose from on the PlayStation 4. To help you narrow down the list, these are our picks for the best third-person shooters available on the PS4 in 2019.

Posted 1 year ago by Dave Horobin

Fortnite Season 8 Guide - The Biggest Changes

Fortnite Season 8 has created quite a few changes to which players must adjust, such as a giant volcano, or a three-way battle between pirates, ninjas, and abominable snowman for treasure where X marks the spot

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Pirates Teased for Fortnite Season 8

One of the things developer Epic Games loves to do is to tease players with upcoming content. Now they've gone a step further with a tweet that drops hints about pirates and buried treasure.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Fortnite Live Festival Turns Into Fortnite Failure

Many parents paid for tickets to a two-day Fortnite Live event at Norfolk Showground in the UK, but what was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend turned into a bit of a flop when the event didn't live up to expectations.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

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