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Fortnite Trophies

Most Earned

Gunsmith15TrophyTypeCraft your first weapon
Some Sort of Rocket
Some Sort of Rocket15TrophyTypeComplete your first mission
Take Out Those Husks
Take Out Those Husks15TrophyTypeProtect the survivors
Shelter from the Storm
Shelter from the Storm15TrophyTypeComplete "Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1"

Least Earned

Hero of the Storm
Hero of the Storm3096TrophyTypeEarn all other Fortnite trophies to collect this trophy
Plays Well with Others
Plays Well with Others1433TrophyTypeComplete 1,000 Play With Others missions
Talented Builder
Talented Builder467TrophyTypeBuild 500,000 Structures in successful missions
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel1370TrophyTypeSave 10,000 Survivors in successful missions
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Fornite Island is Starting to Crack Open Ahead of Season 8

One of Fortnite's continual draws is not the gameplay but the shared meta-narrative, with dramatic events occurring across all play instances at the end of each season. The approach to Season 8 is no different.

Posted 2 days ago by Sam Quirke, 1 comment

Fortnite Update 7.40 Available Now With a Valentine's Surprise

Fortnite's latest update is live, and in celebration of a successful Valentine's event Epic are offering an additional reward that can net you a free Season 8 Battle Pass if you complete a challenge.

Posted 3 days ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

You Can Finally Merge Epic Accounts for Fortnite

The inciting incident of the PlayStation cross-play fiasco has finally been resolved. Players can now merge two Epic accounts to use all of their cosmetics and accumulate their V-Bucks, regardless of platform.

Posted 10 days ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

Fortnite and Twitch's Biggest Celebrities Lose Streaming Steam

In a new streaming stats roundup, industry analysts StreamElements and StreamHatchet have made some interesting observations on the state of play. Fortnite is starting to slip, and Mixer continues to grow its viewer base.

Posted 13 days ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

Fortnite Marshmello Concert Attracts Reported Audience of 10 Million Players

Best known for its base-building battle royale, something new came to Fortnite's Pleasant Park this weekend when US music producer and DJ Marshmello performed the game's first ever live concert.

Posted 13 days ago by Dave Horobin, 0 comments

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