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Forgotton Anne Soundtrack Sample

ThroughLine Games has shared a new sample of the soundtrack for their upcoming 2D anime adventure Forgotten Anne, which will be released next week.

Posted 4 years ago by Luc1d

Listen To Another Track From The Upcoming Forgotton Anne

Ahead of the game's imminent release, Danish developer ThroughLine Games continues to release more music from the Peter Due composed soundtrack for their upcoming anime-aesthetic adventure Forgotton Anne.

Posted 4 years ago by Andy Mills

Enjoy This Track From The Upcoming Forgotton Anne

Its title may be the bane of every games writer's existence, but Forgotton Anne seems to have plenty of charm. Part of that is the game's music, which developer ThroughLine Games has started to release for our auditory pleasure.

Posted 4 years ago by Andy Mills

Forgotton Anne Release Date Announced

Publisher Square Enix Collective has announced the release date for Forgotton Anne, a 2D platformer with an anime art style. The game was originally announced at EGX 2016.

Posted 4 years ago by Kelly Packard

TT@EGX 2016: Forgotton Anne Announced

Forgotton Anne (nope, not a typo) is the latest selection from Square Enix's "Collective" initiative, searching out the best new indie games and giving them a boost. This 2D "cinematic adventure" is the next project.

Posted 6 years ago by Sam Quirke

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