Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition

PlayStation 4

Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition Trophies

Most Earned

Hello, Operator?
Hello, Operator?15TrophyTypeFound someone who understands you.
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire16TrophyTypeIgnited the torch on the lava floor.
What Plants Crave?
What Plants Crave?16TrophyTypeGave the plant some coffee.
Lift Off
Lift Off99TrophyTypeReached the end of the game.

Least Earned

Persistence Is Futile
Persistence Is Futile20TrophyTypeHit the gumball machine in the face 5 times.
Express Ride
Express Ride122TrophyTypeCompleted the game in under 10 minutes.
AHHHHHHH41TrophyTypeMade the skull huuuuuuge.
With the Fishes
With the Fishes18TrophyTypeHad things go poorly when going to the basement.
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