Flinthook Trophies

Full list of all 37 Flinthook trophies - 22 bronze, 10 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Quarter Master

    After many levels, you've won the Quarter Master Relic!

  • Space Captain

    Rising through the levels! The Space Captain Relic is yours!

  • Shipwrecker

    You've wrecked an enormous amount of ships! It's only natural to get the Shipwrecker Relic!

  • Black eye

    You've beaten Bad Billy Bullseye!

  • Twitch

    A good score against Bad Billy Bullseye, earns you the Twitch Relic!

  • Blink

    This great score against Bad Billy Bullseye grants you the Blink Relic!

  • Silver Bullseye

    Making short work of Bad Billy Bullseye, earns you the Silver Bullseye relic!

  • Golden Bullseye

    You've handed Bad Billy Bullseye a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Bullseye Relic!

  • Plucked Goldfeathers

    You've beaten Admiral Goldfeathers!

  • Roasted

    A good score against Admiral Goldfeathers, earns you the Roasted Relic!

  • Fast Plucker

    This great score against Admiral Goldfeathers grants you the Fast Plucker Relic!

  • Silver Goldfeathers

    Making short work of Admiral Goldfeathers, earns you the Silver Goldfeathers relic!

  • Golden Goldfeathers

    You've handed Admiral Goldfeathers a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Goldfeathers Relic!

  • Liquified Von Guu

    You've beaten Baron Von Guu!

  • Broken Glass

    A good score against Baron Von Guu, earns you the Broken Glass Relic!

  • Oozed!

    This great score against Baron Von Guu grants you the Oozed Relic!

  • Silver Von Guu

    Making short work of Baron Von Guu, earns you the Silver Von Guu relic!

  • Golden Von Guu

    You've handed Baron Von Guu a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Von Guu Relic!

  • Fall of Gwarlock

    You've defeated Gwarlock. But maybe there's a better way?

  • Fiat Lux!

    You've saved Gwarlock! The Lighthouse is lit once more. Peace returns to the cosmos!

  • Fingersnap

    A good score against Gwarlock, earns you the Fingersnap Relic!

  • Oh Snap

    This great score against Gwarlock grants you the Oh Snap Relic!

  • Silver Gwarlock

    Making short work of Gwarlock, earns you the Silver Gwarlock relic!

  • Golden Gwarlock

    You've handed Gwarlock a speedy defeat! You win the Golden Gwarlock Relic!

  • Rex Fractus

    You've defeated every Rex versions of the bounties!

  • Relic Fanatic

    You've collected all the ancient relics!

  • Bookworm

    You've collected all of the galaxy's Lore!

  • Perk Collector

    You've collected all the Perks!

  • Black Reward

    You've collected all Black Market Items

  • Bronze Infinite Run

    This great score during the Infinite Mode grants you the Bronze Infinite Run Relic!

  • Silver Infinite Run

    A good score during the Infinite Mode earns you the Silver Infinite Run Relic!

  • Golden Infinite Run

    A solid score during the Infinite Mode wins the Golden Infinite Relic!

  • Rumbled Grimble

    You've beaten Tusky Grimble!

  • Stuffed Glutton

    You've beaten Vorace Horace!

  • Dueling Deaths Unbound

    You've freed the Dueling Deaths from their curse!