2. Flame Over General hints and tips

You are a firefighter named Blaze who is called in to put out fires within one building. Each level is meant to be a floor of the building and you are working your way up 16 floors. Every fourth floor of the building is a different department. Each floor contains 1 cat and 5 workers to save. Saving a cat will give you 1 heart of health (maximum of 5) and each worker will give you a minute on the clock. There is a character called Miss Ion on every second floor who will give you a mission to complete. Upon completion of a mission you will get a minute on the clock and a token which can be traded for an upgrade in your stats. Any floor that doesn't contain a mission, will have a store that you can purchase (or steal) 3 random powerups from.

Important things to note
  • Workers and cats do not get a health bar until you enter a room. So clearing out fire from the doorway before entering will help limit the deaths from stray fireballs
  • Rooms that have another door within them have a chance of producing a wall of fire across the whole room, each time you enter. I have had rooms get the wall of fire after leaving and entering a second time. You can stop the fire hitting parts of the room if you spray them with water. If there are workers or cats in the room then you must spray them or the fire will most likely kill them
  • You can only revive each worker once. So if you have a downed worker, I would advise clearing out the fire first
  • Quitting the game does not seem to save progress. Always make sure you kill yourself to save any progress you made
  • Use snaking motion when firing the hose to clear out large areas of fire. This gives better coverage
  • The Extinguisher puts out the fire quicker, but it will spread again. The hose will soak the area to minimise fire spread. Make sure you mix extinguisher and hose to get maximum efficiency in each room
  • Priority in every level should be to turn off the power. When the level is powered, some parts of the rooms will have black smoke coming from it. This can't be put out with the hose, only the extinguisher
  • Doors that have fire coming from underneath them should be put out before opening or it will back draft and you will lose one heart of health. Some doors go on fire just as you reach them, so being in the habit of wetting every door can help
  • You can refill your water from the fire exit room, taps and water coolers. Taps are the slowest method and water coolers are singular use
  • You can refill your extinguisher from the fire exit room and also fire extinguishers placed around the level. The fire extinguishers are singular use
  • Your fire axe can break which stops it from breaking red doors open. There is no indicator to notify you when it will break though. You can replace it from the fire exit room or from fire axes placed around the level. The fire axes in the level are singular use
  • The thermometer in the bottom left shows you how close you are to fire. If it is completely red then there is fire within the room that you are currently in
  • Cash earned within each game is lost when you start a new game. So you should spend all of the cash you can on upgrades
  • Occasionally one of the levels will contain a guy that will offer to shut off the power to the whole building. It costs £5000, but is worth it if you can afford it. I have only seen him around 4 times in all my playthroughs. He will be located within the fuse box room. You can tell he will be there as the room will be double the normal size
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