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9. Chapter 7 - The Heart of a King

Now we're on to Chapter 7. This one is shorter and much more straightforward than the last chapter. We have another "avoid this attack" trophy in the dungeon, but the rest isn't overly difficult.

We start off with the crew on the train to Cartanica. This section just requires you to make your way through the train. After getting through all 3 Main Mission indicators, you'll just have to walk around a bit until the train reaches Cartanica.


Once in Cartanica, you'll be able to walk around a bit more. A map can be found below:

External image

Outside of grabbing the items and buying some new stuff from the various shops, there's nothing else to do here, so move on to the elevator to go to Fodina Caestino.


Fodina Caestino is a big place and it's easy to get lost. A map can be found below:

External image

Sadly, Ignis (and therefore the rest of your team) move incredibly slow through this area, so while the objectives are easy enough to get to, you have to keep stopping to let the gang catch up. If they're too far away when you enter a battle, they'll take a decent amount of time making it in to help you.

As you make your way through the area, make sure you stop by the area in the top right circular area. This area has 3 Gigantuars to fight. Once you initiate combat with them, you'll pop a trophy:

What a Prick in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Discovered the hidden Gigantuar. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 210 tracked gamers (36% - TT Ratio = 1.66) 584

Once you hit all of the objectives in the area, you'll make it to the campsite for the evening.

Now we're back in Fodina Caestino again, but an entirely new looking area:

External image

There's nothing special to look out for in this area until the end, so make your way through the battles to keep progressing forward.

Leading up to the end of the area (on the map, it appears on the far left side), you'll see Fire magic on the main pathway (it's on the tree you walk on, hard to miss). Make you sure grab it! You have a small battle with a few enemies and then the boss Malboro appears. This is a tough fight, even at higher levels, so be prepared to use potions.

As the battle progresses, you'll want to stay behind Malboro as much as possible. It uses the Bad Breath attack frequently. It's telegraphed, with it leaning back a little and shaking its head, but it gives you very little time to move out of the way. Staying behind it will avoid this attack since it moves out in front. There's no indicators on the ground like for previous bosses, so you'll just have to pay attention.

As the Malboro's HP bar seems to be fully depleted, a quick cutscene will occur where Ignis throws a grenade in the Malboro's mouth and the battle continues with the Malboro having a bit more HP. In this section of the fight, you'll want to use the Fire magic to finish it off. If you use it in the previous section, it'll still proceed into the cutscene. You must finish the Malboro off after the cutscene with the Fire magic to pop another trophy.

If you were able to both avoid the Bad Breath attack and finish Malboro off with Fire, you'll get two trophies:

This is fine in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Defeated the Malboro with fire magic. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 159 tracked gamers (27% - TT Ratio = 1.91) 584

Minty Fresh in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Silver Trophy
Defeated the Malboro without being hit by its bad breath attack. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 179 tracked gamers (31% - TT Ratio = 1.80) 584

Note that having the Ribbon accessory equipped has no impact on the Bad Breath trophy.

After the battle ends and you head into the next cutscene, you'll unlock another story-related trophy:

The Heart of a King in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquired the Katana of the Warrior. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 224 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.61) 584


We're now back in a slightly less depressing Cartanica. The map is the same as before.

This time, we have some Cactuar statues to look out for before we finish off the chapter.

The first cactuar can be found right above where you begin in the area, sitting on a beam:

External image

The second cactuar can be found at the complete opposite end of the train, sitting behind some some barrels:

External image

We'll continue on to Tenebrae in the next chapter!

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