Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Walkthrough

4. Chapter 2 - The Open World

And now on to Chapter 2!

There's nothing to do in the first area Hammerhead, so quickly speak to Cid and let's keep moving through the story.

Our first real stop is Prairie Outpost. This one has a pretty open path to take how you want and a map can be found below:

External image

Outside of your main quest stop, there's nothing else to do here for now, but we'll have a hidden treasure to find on a later visit in the chapter. For now, just continue on to the Tomb of the Wise. Don't forget those warp strikes to begin the battle!

After you get the to Tomb of the Wise and have the cutscene with Cor, you'll pop your first trophy in the chapter:

Power of the Wise in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquired the Sword of the Wise. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 387 tracked gamers (66% - TT Ratio = 1.22) 584

As we make our way back, make sure you hit the alcove at the top of the map to face the enemies up there. After the first battle, grab the items on the top side and then a bunch of cactaur will pop up. They give a good amount of experience points and an additional 3 AP!


The next area is Keycatrich Ruins and the map can be found below:

External image

In the first battle you come to, you'll receive the first ingredient for a meal as a drop. The second ingredient is all the way at the top of the map, so make your way through the battles and you'll get to it.

As you make your way into the ruins, you'll see a few enemies ahead. Warp strike to kill the first enemy on the left and then quickly warp strike to the guy on the turret a little bit to the right. You can tap cn_X when looking towards the diamond icon and take over for the turret and finish off the other two enemies. There's a trophy for taking out 10 enemies with a turret in this area, so it's a good idea to take out as many as you can as often as possible. The other turret up ahead gives an opportunity for around 12 more enemies, so don't worry if you miss out on these ones.

After the next battle, move to the rightmost side and you'll see options for warp suspensions. Use the one for the upper pathway on the right side and move up a little bit. You'll see the next turret ahead, so warp-strike this enemy and take over the turret. Now it's time to go nuts and mow down as many enemies as you can. If you ignore the enemy with the radio symbol and the flag, he'll call in more enemies, so you may want to allow him to call in more enemies for more opportunities to kill 10 of them. Once you mow down 10 enemies with the turret, you'll pop the following trophy:

Say Hello to My Little Friend in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Killed 10 enemies with the turret in Keycatrich Ruins. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 158 tracked gamers (27% - TT Ratio = 1.91) 584

As you move along a little bit, there will be a quick discussion about the bright yellow rocks on the right side. This is where magic comes into play. Click and hold on the rock and you'll fill up the magic bar, allowing you to use lightning magic (in this case - there's also blue rocks for ice and red for fire, but we'll see them later in the next area). Lightning is super effective against the next enemy, so make sure you click on the icon and use it!

Now head to the top of the screen to the left side of the trees and you'll get the second ingredient for the meal.

Now we're on to the next area, Keycatrich Trench.


Below is the map for the Keycatrich Trench (2F not included as the area is small and has nothing special of note):

External image

This area marks the first dungeon in the game. There's a trophy you can get for clearing out 3 dungeons of all enemies (replays of the same dungeon count towards this), however there's a lot of backtracking to clear out all of the enemies in this dungeon, so I'd recommend skipping this one and replaying a different one later.

If you do choose to backtrack plenty and take out all of the enemies in the dungeon and replay the chapter to do it two more times, you'll pop the following trophy:

Path of the Tall in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Killed all enemies in 3 dungeons.
  • Unlocked by 165 tracked gamers (28% - TT Ratio = 1.87) 584

Simply make your way through the dungeon to the objective, killing enemies along the way. If you want to explore, feel free to do so, however you're not missing anything too exciting, only an extra accessory or two if you go off the beaten path, all of which you can buy for cheap in the next chapter.

In the big boss battle against Arachne, there's a trophy for avoiding all of her AoE attacks. These are the ones that appear as bright red areas on the ground. You have to move very far back if you want to avoid them, so it's easier to go to the area in between the lines to avoid getting hit. If you do get hit, close out of the game and restart it and you should pick back up right before the battle so you can try again. If you come back to replay the chapter much later when you're at a higher level (35-40+), you can easily take down Arachne before the first AoE attack even begins. Whichever way you decide to tackle this, after defeating Arachne without getting hit by an AoE attack, you'll pop the next trophy:

Icky in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Icky24 (15)
CHAPTER 2 Dodged all of Arachne's AoE attacks. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 234 tracked gamers (40% - TT Ratio = 1.57) 584

As you proceed, you'll end up in the Tomb of the Conqueror and get the Axe of the Conqueror. After the cutscene, the next trophy will pop:

Power of the Conquerer in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquired the Axe of the Conquerer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 367 tracked gamers (63% - TT Ratio = 1.26) 584


Back in Prairie Outpost, we have a new map with another meal and a treasure hunt:

External image

Both of the ingredients for the meal are in boxes, so make sure you break them and you'll get them easily. For the treasure hunt, we're moving around just a little bit more than last time.

The first spot can be found a little bit below the cone next to the car (don't judge me on the image, I missed the first time!):

External image

The second spot can be found to the right of the first one, a little bit south, in between what pretty looks like 2 piles of dirt and garbage:

External image

The third and final spot can be found in the gated area, sort of in the middle of nowhere. You may need to dig a few times to find the exact spot (I found it to be the hardest spot in the game to get):

External image

That's all for the Prairie Outpost!


Now we've reached the final area of the chapter: Norduscaen Blockade. A map of the short, winding maze can be found below:

External image

As a hint, make sure you grab the lightning magic after the third battle... it'll come in handy for the tough upcoming boss battle!

After taking down MA-X Cuirass and watching the cutscene, Chapter 2 will come to an end.

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