Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Walkthrough

3. Chapter 1 - Departure

Time to get started in Chapter 1!

Conveniently enough, after watching the cutscenes introducing the story and how you ended up pushing the Regalia to the nearby garage, you'll pop your first trophy:

Insomnia's Waking Nightmare in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Completed the Prologue.
  • Unlocked by 583 tracked gamers (100% - TT Ratio = 1.00) 584

External image

Above, you can see a map of the first area in its entirety. Get familiar with using the map (as mentioned on the General Hints and Tips page, you can view it by hitting the cn_start button)!

As you handle the first quest given to you by Cindy, you'll start to encounter enemies. Once they're in view and before you're close enough to automatically begin the battle encounter, push the Left Stick in the direction of the enemy and tap cn_T. This will cause you to begin the battle with a Warp Strike. Using Warp Strikes allow you to do more damage and stop an enemy from using a move if they're getting ready to attack, though it comes at the cost of MP, so you won't be able to use them infinitely. If you've played the "full" version of Final Fantasy XV, you may recall that warp points can quickly regenerate MP, though those sadly don't grant MP regeneration in the Pocket Edition. Instead, just keep attacking the enemy and your MP will replenish.

Though you won't have 30 enemy encounters in Chapter 1 (enemies and encounters don't come back after winning), after initiating a battle 30 times with a Warp Strike, you'll receive the following trophy:

Path of the Rogue in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Start battle using warp-strike 30 times.
  • Unlocked by 203 tracked gamers (35% - TT Ratio = 1.69) 584

If you'd like to pop it as early as possible, replay Chapter 1 a few times to quickly defeat the enemies. As you get better weapons and level up through replaying, the encounters will be progressively quicker.

After you finish Cindy's first quest, the first level up screen will pop up, which will also level up Noctis, granting you enough ability points to purchase something. Tap cn_X to go to the Unlock Ability menu (seen below) and select Parry (the first ability on the list).

Once you've obtained the Parry ability, make sure you use it as frequently as possible! Once you've used it 50 times (which may not be obtainable during your first Chapter 1 walkthrough, but you can replay the chapter or just keep parrying through other chapters), you'll unlock the following trophy:

Path of the Just in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Parried 50 times.
  • Unlocked by 372 tracked gamers (64% - TT Ratio = 1.25) 584

After the level up screen, it's now dark out and you're in a "new" area with the following map:

On this map, you'll be able to see 2 icons in yellow that look like a fork and spoon. Make sure you grab these. The first is on the ground indicated by a shiny yellow dot. The next is inside of a box, which you'll have to tap cn_X next to in order to break it open. After getting both, Ignis will make a comment about having the ingredients and you will be rewarded with experience points.

During the upcoming battle against the Bloodhorn, you'll receive your first chance to issue an ally command. As mentioned on the previous page, you'll see an icon pop up above your weapons with your ally's name and the move to be performed. Hit cn_X when you see the image of them to use the command.

Make sure you use the ally command icon every time it pops up. Once you issue 50 ally commands, you'll pop the following:

Path of the Clever in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Issued 50 ally commands.
  • Unlocked by 265 tracked gamers (45% - TT Ratio = 1.48) 584

This is the end of the first part of Chapter 1 and we next move on to the Longwythe Rest Area.


A map of Longwythe can be found below:

If you head up to the yellow marker on the map, you'll see this icon on the ground:

External image

Running over it will kick off your first Treasure Hunt. There is a treasure related trophy that you'll pop for completing all of them. Once you move North into the pen-looking area, you'll see a few new icons on your screen. The Map icon pulls up a hint for where the next treasure spot is located. The Shovel icon digs to see if you've found the treasure. Don't worry if you miss a few times when digging, as you have an unlimited number of attempts and can actually receive some extra items in other spots.

The first spot is found directly to the left of the tires:

External image

The second spot is found in between the logs and stone blocks a little bit to the Northwest from the first spot:

External image

The third and final spot is in the little alcove in the Northeast side of the pen just to the right of the plant:

External image

After speaking to the motel manager, make sure you talk to the person standing next to you, who will direct you to Dave. This will kick off the next side quest, which will send you to the key icon on the map, which is the dogtag Dave is looking for. After delivering it to him, you'll nab the next trophy:

Monster Hunter in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Helped Dave retrieve the dog tag.
  • Unlocked by 443 tracked gamers (76% - TT Ratio = 1.14) 584

Now on to the next part of Chapter 1 - Galdin Quay.


A map of Galdin Quay can be found below:

Note that there's another recipe on this map, so make sure you grab the items! There's a trophy for learning all recipes (not to mention the easy experience points!), so make sure you get them all! The first ingredient is hidden in a box behind the sign, so keep moving around looking for it and you'll find it soon enough.

Other than talking to Dino, there isn't much else to do here.


We next find ourselves in Saulhend Pass, which has plenty of battles for those juicy experience points. Don't forget to start battles with Warp Strike where possible! A map can be found below:

External image

After you've grabbed the garnet ore, you'll be automatically sent to meet with Dino.

Now on to the final area in the chapter: Ostium Gorge.


The Ostium Gorge map can be found below:

External image

This area is nothing but battles, but there's a new mechanic that you are taught, which leads to another trophy. Warp points are spots where you hop up and hang from your sword to prep for an attack on an enemy. The warp point icon looks like this:

External image

As you make your way through the Ostium Gorge, use warp points to attack enemies as often as possible. After you hit the first enemy while suspended, you can simply look towards the red icon by another enemy to warp to them and kill them immediately. You'll need to be quick, though! You can see a timer bar at the top of the screen displaying that total time you have left in "warp mode" before a regular battle commences. The red warp icon can be seen here:

External image

On the 8th time, you'll unlock the following trophy:

Warp Assassin in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Warp-killed a total of 8 enemies at the Ostium Gorge.
  • Unlocked by 391 tracked gamers (67% - TT Ratio = 1.22) 584

Ostium Gorge should be the first time you see enemies preparing to use attacks. This looks like the following:

External image

As mentioned above, by using warp strike against these enemies, you'll stop them from getting ready to attack and perform an action called Break. It's worth making sure you have some MP saved up to break enemy attacks, as they generally do extra damage to you. Additionally, once you break enemy attacks 50 times, you'll pop the following trophy:

Path of the Fierce in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Broke 50 enemies.
  • Unlocked by 245 tracked gamers (42% - TT Ratio = 1.54) 584

After you finish up at the Ostium Gorge, you'll get a couple of more cutscenes and eventually end up back on the chapter selection screen. As soon as you see this screen, the last trophy for Chapter 1 will pop:

Departure in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Departure18 (15)
The journey begun.
  • Unlocked by 428 tracked gamers (73% - TT Ratio = 1.16) 584

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