Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Walkthrough

13. Clean Up

After the main story is over, we have a few additional trophies to clean up before we get all of them.

You'll need to replay a number of chapters for this one, but in order to get all of the ability nodes, you'll need to get a bunch of extra experience and level ups for Noctis. At lower levels, replaying Chapter 5 will net you a lot of experience, especially once you reach the dungeon. Beginning around the mid to high 50s, your best bet is to replay the last chapter. It's a bit slow, but there'a TON of experience to be had and you may be able to level up twice in a given replay, granting you plenty of AP to use on new abilities. Once you get them all, you'll get a trophy for it:


Activated 65 ability nodes.

1 guide


You may have noticed arches on the chapter select map. Once you click on them, you're granted with a new Royal Arm. Each of these arches will appear after unlocking certain achievements.

Path of the Fierce: Unlocks the Mace of the Fierce

Path of the Rogue: Unlocks the Star of the Rogue

Path of the Clever: Unlocks the Bow of the Clever

Path of the Just: Unlocks the Shield of the Just

Path of the Pious: Unlocks the Scepter of the Pious

Path of the Tall: Unlocks the Sword of the Tall

Once you get all of these achievements and pick up the Royal Arms, provided you've gotten through at least Chapter 9, you'll pop the next trophy for acquiring all 13 Royal Arms:

Faithful Heir

Collected thirteen royal arms.

Faithful Heir

After popping the last trophy, you'll also pop the Platinum trophy:

The True King

Collected all trophies!

The True King

That should be it for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition! Hopefully you enjoyed this walkthrough and were able to get all trophies easily enough!

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