Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Walkthrough

11. Chapter 9 - Redemption

The penultimate chapter starts us off back on the train again.

As with the last chapter, head to the main mission marker and after the cutscene, quickly proceed forward once again. You won't have access to any weapons, though I also was never attacked by any of the enemies on screen. Just keep moving forward and you'll find yourself in the Regalia soon enough.

Once you're in the Regalia, you'll have nearly full control of its direction. Through this section, steer around all objects and attacks and make sure you don't hit anything. If you do hit anything, quit out of the game before the end of the section to start it over and you'll get another shot at it. The bar at the top of the screen is in line with the timer (also at the top of the screen); it's not a damage/health bar, so don't be quick to restart if you see it dropping. If you make it through this section without getting hit, you'll get the first trophy of the chapter:

Gralean medal of distinction in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Made it to Gralea without crashing the Regalia into anything. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 184 tracked gamers (32% - TT Ratio = 1.77) 584


We now find ourselves in Gralea and a map can be found below:

External image

You still have no weapons, so just keep moving straight ahead into the next section. This time, the enemies will be attacking you (though they do very little damage). Keep an eye on your HP and use Potions if needed.

We quickly find ourselves in another section of Gralea, this time without our pals:

External image

Beginning in this section, you get a new attack you can perform with your ring, which also parries with a Holy attack. Both attacks are fairly weak, but for now it's the only attack we have. There are 2 "health bars" above each enemy's head, depending on the action being taken. They always appear to be at full health with the red bar, but once you begin attacking them with your ring, the red bar turns into a different purple bar. Once the purple bar depletes, the enemy will die. Unfortunately, you can't see the "purple health bar" unless you're attacking the enemy, so you have to get a good idea of how much each enemy has left if swapping targets.

Make your way through the section and use attacks and Holy where needed and proceed into Zegnautus Keep.


A map of Zegnautus Keep can be found below:

External image

This section requires a lot of stealth, but isn't too tough. You'll start seeing enemies with a red cone in front of the direction they're facing. They look like this:

External image

Make sure you avoid that cone of vision. Even if it looks like you're far enough in front of them to avoid detection, they'll likely still spot you, as it goes forward much farther than the cone looks like it does. Make sure you avoid getting detected! If you've made it past an enemy without being detected, you'll receive a bit of XP and the game will save. If you get detected, combat will begin.

We're now in another part of Zegnautus Keep:

External image

The first "new" part coming up will be the section where you have to stealthily pass Gargantuan. Outside of restarting the section, there's no penalty for failing, so make your way past it and continue forward. There's another 2 areas where you have to stealthily pass guards. The first group of guards is similar to the previous area, but the second group allows to to roll past them. Move near and tap on the diamond indicator to hide behind the first wall and then tap the next indicator each time it is safe to roll to the next one.

After getting the key and creeping past the Gargantuan a second time, we'll be finished with this area and you'll get another trophy:

A King's Struggle in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquired the Sword of the Father. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 221 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.62) 584

We now find ourselves in yet another new area within Zegnautus Keep:

External image

Thankfully, Noctis has a sword back for the upcoming section. There are a number of fights against easy enemies.

The boss at the end of this area is hard hitting and you won't be able to defeat it. You can try attacking it during the minute long wait or just run in circles, avoiding it. Either way, you'll end up in the next area of Zegnautus Keep after another cutscene:

External image

There's more enemies and more stealth sections in this area.

As we continue on, guess what, a new area of Zegnautus Keep:

External image

There's a bunch more battles along the way after this, but thankfully you have all of your weapons back (make sure to re-equip them! The game recommends re-equipping your sword, but all 3 weapons need it) and your friends return (sadly Ignis is still useless).

In the fight against Foras, you can now defeat him. Unfortunately, the Alberich enemies (the smaller demons) will respawn indefinitely until Foras is taken down and it's tough to get Noctis and the gang to focus on Foras when there are so many little demons running around. Try your best to take down Foras quickly to end the battle.

We've finally made it to the last area of Zegnautus Keep:

External image

During the battle with Ravus, make sure you avoid getting hit by his vacuum wave attack. This is telegraphed by him sort of crouching down for a little before beginning. An easy way to take him down very quickly is to begin the fight by using the Lightning magic that you should have grabbed leading up the steps to the battle. Then, use Armiger if you have it available. The two of these will either kill Ravus or get him down to very, very low HP, allowing you to potentially skip Ravus using the vacuum wave attack at all. If you're able to take him down without being hit by the attack, you'll get another trophy:

Might of Tenebrae in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Silver Trophy
Defeated Ravus without being hit by his vacuum wave attack. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 199 tracked gamers (34% - TT Ratio = 1.71) 584

There's another major battle after Ravus where you pretty much fight every boss you've battled up to this point. Eventually, your friends will step in and tell you to proceed without them. Rush through the next section to reach Bahamut and get the final cutscene in the chapter and the last trophy:

Redemption in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Redemption24 (15)
Acquired the power of kings. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 221 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.62) 584

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