Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Walkthrough

10. Chapter 8 - In the Dark

Thankfully we have another fairly straightforward (though a bit long due to the number of solo and duo battles) chapter this time around with no boss-focused trophies or anything that could cause you to be forced to replay it.

We start off on the train to Tenebrae. There's not much to do here other than to continue forward to the main mission marker and kill the few enemies you encounter.

After reaching the back of the train, you'll quickly be thrown into an area where you must defend the train from attackers. There are 2 types on enemies in this area: running enemies with swords and slow-walking enemies. Make sure you take out the slow enemies first. If they get close enough to the train without getting killed, they'll explode and damage the train. If enough explode near the train, it's an instant Game Over.

After this, there's a minimal amount of QTEs to take out the tanks and head back onto the train.

Next, we're hopping around from ship to ship, taking out enemies and later destroying the ships. Once again, take out the slow enemies in the back of each ship, as they'll jump off and damage the train.

Lastly, we're on top of the train in a tunnel and need to run to the front. Keep running for what feels like an eternity, taking on the multiple battles. The gargoyles are a bit tougher than most enemies we've encountered so far, so make sure you're using Potions as needed.

Finally, after defeating the enemies and reaching the front of the train, we'll be finished with this section.


We've finally made it to Tenebrae. A map can be found below:

External image

At the top of the map, you'll see our final treasure hunt in the game.

The first spot is smack dab in the middle of the area just West of where you started the hunt:

External image

The second spot is back in the larger area where your crew is likely waiting for you to proceed on the opposite side of them (on the Eastern part of the area). You'll see two walking mech units that we've defeated in the past. You can walk between the legs of the Southern one and head behind it. You'll see another indicator to grab the treasure:

External image

The third spot is nearby, on the Western overlook facing the train station:

External image

The final spot is back towards the train we arrived on. Walk on to the train (there's a door facing away from the platform) and head to the door in the very back:

External image

Once you grab this treasure, you'll get a trophy:

Treasure Hunter - Tenebrae in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Found the hidden treasure in Tenebrae. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 215 tracked gamers (37% - TT Ratio = 1.64) 584

Additionally, if you've done all of the other treasure hunts leading up to this point, you'll pop a second trophy:

Treasure Master in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Silver Trophy
Completed all treasure hunts.
  • Unlocked by 204 tracked gamers (35% - TT Ratio = 1.68) 584

Before running off too far, we can kick off our Cactuar statue hunt here while we're at it. Leave the train and head to the back of the platform, near the Southwestern-most part of the map.

The first statue is found hiding on top of a box around here:

External image

The second statue is found back near the train overlook where we found the third treasure. Head to the overlook on the opposite side, near the truck where the shop is:

External image

The third and final statue is past the accessory shop in the little alcove behind the large red vehicle:

External image

After you grab the last statue, you'll get your next trophy:

Cactuar Collecter - Tenebrae in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Found all cactuars in Tenebrae. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 216 tracked gamers (37% - TT Ratio = 1.64) 584

If you've gotten all cactuar statues up to this point in the game, you'll also get another trophy:

Ten Thousand Needles in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Silver Trophy
Found all hidden cactuars.
  • Unlocked by 178 tracked gamers (30% - TT Ratio = 1.80) 584

That's all there is in Tenebrae, so move forward through the main mission markers.


After the train ride (move to the end of the train to quickly move into the next area), we find ourselves in Magna Fortia:

External image

Unfortunately Ignis is still blind and Prompto is gone, so you and Gladiolus will move through a ton of battles very slowly.

After the first cutscene in the area, you'll pop up in a new spot, allowing you more free-roam. Make your way over to the pathway underneath the train for a great view of Shiva:

External image

This will pop the last non story-based trophy in the chapter:

Breath of the Glacian in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Met the watchful gaze of Shiva. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 204 tracked gamers (35% - TT Ratio = 1.68) 584

Continue to make your way through the battles and eventually you'll face Deathclaw. This boss is super simple, the only major attack to watch out for is a large ground attack that'll hit everyone nearby, so once again, make sure you're using your Potions as needed.

After the cutscene with Ardyn and Lunafreya, continue moving to the front of the train and you'll pop the final trophy in this long chapter:

End of Days in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquired the Trident of the Oracle. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 223 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.61) 584

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