2. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Here I will post a few hints and tips that should help you guys along with your game and trophy getting as there are ways to speed things along if you don't mean "cheating" the game.


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First and foremost tip is learn how to dodge, very important, no matter how good you are if you can't dodge attacks, you will die! So learn to time it perfectly untill you get the magic spell Avoid that will do it automatically for you in exchange for MP.

There are a total of 14 different playable characters each with their own strengths, weaknesses and personality, you can only bring three members at any given time to a Mission but the rest will be in the reserves incase one or more of your team dies during a Mission so make sure you level everyone up equally otherwise if you lose your best members first, chances are you won't be able to finish the Mission you are on. I recommend once you have unlocked the Arena, use each character once or twice to get a feel for their moves and skills and see which is more to your style.

The Grinding

There will be a lot of grinding here, levels, SPP and phantoma, each will take a toll on you however there is a faster way to deal with that. I highly recommend you play the game first before you do this as it will break the game and it won't be a challenge:

For experience, you need to have the Arena unlocked. By abusing this system you will level up a tonne in hours. The guy on the right will suspend your playthrough and if you wait x amount of time, you will get exp. All you have to do is Go to settings, change the date and time a few hours or so and load up your save and repeat, you can get to level 99 in no time this way, but again I highly recommend you play the game first time around normally to get the enjoyment and challenge it offers.

As for the SPP if your characters are strong enough, load up the Mission "Operation MA Demolition" and accept the support. Rush through the first area till you reach the underground and to a massive open square area, now head to the corner and leave your controller, if you can survive, you will get support and they will easily kill the enemies for you, so do this if you have to go out or even over night, just remember that you have to finish the Mission in order to get the SPP gained this way, however Leaving this a few nights or so and you can get Ultima and the SP Crystal without an issue.

If you did the above for both EXP and SPP then you can take on trials and tougher dungeons, these are the best way to farm better phantoma as you can breeze through missions.

The Red SO

Another Important note is the SO system. Most Missions will offer you a Red SO, these are important! If you can complete these you will get Eidolons, Weapons, Accessories and Magics as well as items, near enough every single Red SO is worth doing, I have listed every single one and what rewars they offer in every area they appear in, so keep an eye out for them!

Bare in mind that if you accept and fail an SO you will have to dodge 3 portals which if just one touches you, you are instantly killed. If you have unlimited dodge then you stand a chance to avoid this and earn a trophy at the same time. If you fail a Red SO you can not get it again unless you replay the mission or the next playthrough so think carefully before attempting them.

The Ranking System

Every single Mission and Trial will rank you in three catagories, Time taken to complete, Phantoma harvested and Class members fallen in combat. To get an S rank you will need to get an A rank in all three, part from 1 or 2 missions, 0 Deaths is required for an A rank, I have lsited what you need to get an S rank at the end of every Mission and Trial along with the rewards you will get so check to see if you think it's worth doing. The good news is, no matter the difficulty the requirements never change for each Mission.

The only exception to the catagories is the Real Time Strategy part. Instead of Phantoma you will have Objectives you will need to complete instead, The RTS are skippable Missions but worth doing at least once as it's a fun difference from the usual fighting. The first time you do a RTS I have explained how and what to do, every objective is listed in every RTS situation as well.

Expert Trials

Expert Trials are advanced missions that are completely optional, however if it's your first playthrough, there is a good chance you won't be able to do any of them unless you abused the EXP glitch. Completing these Trials counts towards the Achievements for completing Mission, will unlock towns and areas on the world map and get you and nice Accessories on harder difficulties, some of the best in fact.


And a few final notes, save often if you are unsure you can handle bosses, before attempting SO's or anything risky like a new dungeon. Try not to use many items as quite a few can be used to complete tasks throughout the game. MP drains fast at first, try to gather as much phantoma as you can so when you unlock a ability to boost spells you can make them cost less MP, or if you abuse the SPP glitch to get the SP Crystal, no need to worry as it gives you the 0MP buff as well as others. And if there are still things in this guide that are unclear feel free to message me and I will get back to you :) Good luck and enjoy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

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