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This section is just for those who are interested in a certain trophy guide instead of a full on walkthrough!

This will pop as soon as you get the last trophy.

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission.

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    Completed Chapter 2 "Raise the Vermilion Banner."

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    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission.

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

Story based and can't be missed, should pop after you finish the mission

To earn this bonus you need to complete a Mission with just one member, no reserves and no help from the SP recruits. The easiest Mission to get this on is replaying The Cadets' First Deployment since you can skip most areas and the leaders are easy to deal with. You can do this on Cadet difficulty to make things easier if you need but can't be obtained on Finis difficulty (Since you only have one member you can use per mission)

To earn this bonus you need to complete a Mission with just two members this time, no other reserves and no help from the SP recruits. Replay the Mission "The Cadets' First Deployment" and repeat what you did with The Army of One bonus.

To earn this bonus you need to complete a Mission with just three members without reserves or SP recruits. Like the others, replay the Mission "The Cadets' First Deployment" to make things even easier.

To get this Trophy you need to pick a mission and choose all the characters that are highlighted, these are what's called "Prime" cadets. Using this in missions basically means they will be faster, stronger and all round better compared to the others. You need to choose all the ones that are primed, refuse SP help and the rest of the class on standby, choose "The Cadets' First Deployment" to make quick work with the level and earn this trophy.

To get this trophy you need to complete any mission without a single casualty, this should come naturally while playing through the game, whether your first or second playthrough, however if you want to just grab this one sooner, replay the first mission "The Cadets' First Deployment" and rush through the level making sure no one from your class is reduced to 0 health.

If you are going for this sooner rather than later, the best mission to get a S rank is the Mission "Operation Reconquista" because phantoma is replaced with objectives so you can just rush through the enemies instead of making sure you kill enough. Once you choose this mission you will need to complete 9 objectives. These are:

  1. Destroy the Autoturret.
  2. Issue command to Domain 1 to attack Aqvi.
  3. Neautralize the energy wall around Aqvi.
  4. Invade Aqvi.
  5. Take out the Commander of Aqvi and gain control of the stronghold.
  6. Harvest 5 Phantoma in Aqvi.
  7. Neautralize the energy wall around Corsi.
  8. Invade Corsi.
  9. Take control of Corsi.

As long as you do the first few objectives, the rest are needed to continue with the Mission, as long as you don't lose any cadets during the mission you will easily S rank this mission.

For this trophy you need to complete any red SO and the first mission is the first chance you can accept a red SO, firstly you will need to make sure you enabled SO's by talking to the man with "Info" above his head in the Sorcery room in Akademeia. If you haven't already got this, you can do it while going for any of the level bonuses since you will be doing the easiest mission. Make sure you head to the area "McTighe Midtown (Northeast)" (From my guide) and complete the SO there.

To get this trophy you need to fail an SO and then survive the penalty. When you fail you will get a portal appear under you and if it hits you are instantly killed, if you dodge it, it will happen again, three times in total. It's best to wait till you have unlimited dodge first, start an SO and fail it, wait for the portal to appear and then press cn_O while tilting cn_LS wait and then repeat, after the third time you will get the trophy pop up.

To get this trophy you need to kill an enemy with the explosion from a fuel tank, if you are grinding out the missions or replaying the first for the bonuses. The final room with the Nymurod boss, there is a fuel tank beside it along with an imperial trooper, either weaken the trooper or if you are playing on Cadet, destroying the fuel tank should deal enough damage to wipe him out, rewarding you with the trophy.

Missions, sorties or Expert Trials, all of these count as a Mission for this trophy so this one will come naturally playing through the story.

This one will take more than just the first playthrough, however if you wish to grind this one out, replaying missions still count so either replay a quick mission again and again or replay them on different difficulties to earn more rewards, everything you do in mission replay can be saved and passed on to your current playthrough.

This should come naturally while playing through the story. To have enemies surrender you will need to find an area where there is a leader (They all have the same icon and marked on the minimap) and go straight for them, once a leader dies the rest of the enemies will run away briefly before either puting their hands in the air or if it's monsters, they will lay down. Run up to them and press cn_X to talk to them, giving you an item and they will run off. Bare in mind that you get a very rare chance that the item you receive from surrendered enemies are stat boosters.

Again, this should come naturally, certain tasks require you to "capture" enemies which is making them surrender and the total if you do all these related tasks, will be more than enough to net you this trophy.

Knowing Tags are one of a few collectibles in Type-0. Mostly found next to dead bodies or basically a bloody mess. You should get this trophy in the first few missions if you look everywhere, however if you are struggling to find these, you can replay missions and the tags will be there again. However you can't simply return to an area during your playthrough to grab it again as once you have picked it up, it goes for that playthrough. (Mission Replay doesn't count hence you can farm missions this way) There is a Moogle in the Entrance area of Akademia that will want these tags and based on the number you give him depends what you get in return.

This one is known to be bugged as I've had friends that couldn't get this even after 25 tags while I managed to get this at only 23. If you don't get this trophy when you should, simply replay a mission a few times and keep collecting till it pops, it will sooner or later.

You have to be on the World Map running about, don't use chocobos because the random encounters is what you are after, once you finish the first one you will get this trophy.

In order to get this trophy you need to get into a random encounter, finish off all the enemies or leader and you will get a chance for a pop up stating whether or not you want to continue fighting or retreat, if you continue the enemies will be the same however their levels will be higher each time. You can do this till you fight the same enemies 5 times. Once you have done all 5 in a row you will get this trophy.

This requires you to win 50 encounters on the World Map, however just know that if you continue to fight instead of reteating, each fight counts towards this, so you could do 50 single fights or 10 5-chain encounters, mix and match or however you wish to do this. It should come naturally though if you don't use chocobos much to get to destinations.

In order to capture a chocobo you will need to be on the world map and in certain areas, for example North Togoraeth Region. if you press the touchpad you will get up the map, yellow dots are chocobos and red/purple dots are enemies you should avoid. To capture a chocobo you will need to run towards it and grab it. However if the chocobo notices you they will run away. You can still capture chocobos while on a chocobo yourself which may be easier since it will stop random encounters and you're slightly faster.

Here you will need to capture 30 chocobos which will require a bit of grinding, find a region that has a few chocobos and capture them all before heading to another region or a town, once back at the map all the chocobos will spawn and you can repeat.

Here you can grind out a lot of the fighting trophies since all the enemies in the simulation are Imperial enemies. You don't need to defeat 20 in a row to get this trophy, just 20 over all so even if they kill you just make sure you keep this up and you will get this pretty quick.

You can either grind these out straight away or you can wait till you get certain tasks that requires you to get Killsight kills or defeat x amount of imperial troopers. whichever way you decide, you need to defeat 100 enemies in the simulation. Please bare in mind the enemies here are the same level as the character you use.

This will be one of, if not the first, trophy you will get if you defeat all the enemies in the prologue mission. But if for any reason you don't get this by the time the arena is open to you, you can farm the kills here since all enemies count as Imperial enemies.

Since you need to get 100 kills in the simulation, you may as well grind this one out as well to get it over and done with as well. This may seem like it will take a bit of time but it's really quick if you kill, harvest and repeat. Though you may very well get this one naturally as imperial enemies are just about everywhere.

This will come naturally while playthrough the game but if you feel the need to grind it out sooner, the arena will still count towards this.

This is pretty much the same, you will deffiantely fight over 300 enemies while either going for all trophies or just playing the story. If you need to grind this out sooner you can always use the arena.

In order to get a Killsight strike you will need to hold cn_R1 to lock onto an enemy and then depending on the enemy, you will have to either dodge attacks or attack them before their charged up move is finish ect. The easiest and best location to get these would be the arena. Since if you fail or die it won't effect you and you can try again. For the Imperial Troopers, lock on to them and run towards them, they will try to bash you with their gun, while doing this the censor will turn red, this is what you are after, hitting them while that symbol appears causes instant death to normal enemies. If you are a ranged class member, the troopers will load their gun and aim, before they fire you will get the same symbol so just hit them before they hit you. As for the Supersoldier, he will charge you while shooting at you but when he reaches you he tries to bash you with his gun, this is the chance to hit him first for a Killsight strike. Do this 20 times to get the trophy.

Just like with the last one, the only difference is you need to get 100 Killsight strikes instead of 20, farm these at the simulation for a safe way to get this if you find it hard to get them outside of the arena.

To get this you will need to harvest 100 phantoma, which should come naturally while playing, however like the previous few trophies you can farm this at the arena using the combat simulation, you will get 3 enemies at all times, kill all three, harvest and repeat, if you don't feel like waiting for it to happen naturally.

This may come to you naturally while playing through the story or going for all trophies, but agai if you need to farm for it the arena would be the best place.

To dodge you simply need to press cn_O while tilting cn_LS in any direction. This sounds like a lot but you will be dodging so much that this trophy will come to you quicker than you think. You don't need to be perfect with the dodging so long as an enemy attacks near you, it should count as a successful dodge. You can farm this just about everywhere though my personal favourite was while fighting Golem due to his very slow movements. However if he hit you at that low level, chances are you will die. But good luck whichever way you decide to get this one!

Very simple trophy to get, during just about any free time before a mission go to Classroom Zero and talk to Moglin, sit in on one of the lectures (You can skip) and this will pop up.

Each class has their own Moogle. You will need to simply talk to each of them once in any order. They are found in the following locations:

Moglin (Class Zero Moogle) - Classroom Zero by the desk.

Class First Moogle - Fountain Courtyard by the door that leads to the Entrance.

Class Second Moogle - Central Command just wandering around.

Class Third Moogle - Terrace near the portal before you head out.

Class Fourth Moogle - Airship Landing by the exit with a red ball.

Class Fifth Moogle - Entrance as soon as you walk in his nearby floating about.

Class Sixth Moogle - Main Gate near the exit that leads to the Fountain Courtyard.

Class Seventh Moogle - Lounge wandering around by other cadets.

Class Eighth Moogle - Entrance by the stairs that leads to Central Command, also the Moogle you give Knowing Tags too.

Class Ninth Moogle - Crystarium near Kasuza's Lab.

Class Tenth Moogle - Airship Landing at the far back with a silver/grey ball.

Class Eleventh Moogle - Armory near the Guildsman that sells you weapons and accessories.

Class Twelfth Moogle - Ready Room to the left side of the area.

In order to get chocobo eggs you will need to visit the Ranch from chapter 3 onwards. Speak to the man with "Info" above his head and he will ask if you want to breed chocobos. Then you will need to pick a male and female chocobo of any kind and optionally add in some greens, though highly recommended, afterwards you will get an egg and have to wait 6 hours. After 6 hours have passed return and the egg would hatch and you can pick up the chocobos to use on the world map. Different greens yields different results, from the type of chocobo you get and how many, although every single green and even without, has a small chance of hatching 99 chocobos. The greens you should use to speed things up are called Gyzahl Greens, the only way you can get these are from special rewards for getting 200 kills with each character. If you get that and complete a mission you will get 3 Gyzahl Greens, these give you the most chocobos over all and a higher chance of getting 99 chocobos. If you don't waste more than 6 hours with each visit you will get both chocobo hatching trophies in your first playthrough.

Just like the previous trophy, you should aim for getting and using Gyzahl Greens and try not to wait longer than 6 hours with every visit. This will give you the best chance of getting the most chocobos in your first playthrough.

There are a few ways you can go about getting this trophy. When you go to the arena, the man on the right will ask if you want to do the secret training, what this does is you save your game and you are taken to the title screen, after you wait x amount of time, go back and you have a chance of being successful with your training and gain exp and sometimes various stat boost. Either do this before you go to bed or go out for a while. Or you can use the EXP glitch and forward the PS clock a few weeks or even month and go back in to gain the max results quick. I highly recommend you don't use the glitch to make the game more enjoyable.

The airship can only be obtained during Chapter 7, most likely during the second half unless you can do enough Expert Trials to get access to the area sooner. But going with the fact the majority of you will have to wait till the area becomes Dominion territory. You need to travel to Bazz. Inside the town there will be a task from a woman that requires you to kill an Iron Giant from a place called Silent Key. This is completely optional however doing this task nets you a Growth Egg so you may as well. Afterwards you need to travel South from Bazz to the Veill Desolands Region. Here if you keep to the west side (Right side from where you should be facing) there will be a path that leads down and around towards a cave. This cave is your destination, but be careful, make sure you have a few chocobos and you can outsmart and outrun the Behemoth Kings that are on the map, if they bump into you, you will die as they are level 99 and there will be two of them at once. However once you reach the cave, the objective here is to access and turn on all four levers, the final room should have an item you need to pick up, the Lost Tomb, now with all four switches turned on you need to head to the final area and interact with the object, using the tomb you will gain access to the airship and the trophy. Once you have the airship in your possession you will never have to come here again, this also means all accessories regarding to this will be gone as well as the enemies for the task.

When you have the airship, you can summon it any time you are on the world map (Unless it tells you it's unavailable for story reasons) Once in the air you will have a constant supply of enemies and you can easily get this trophy. You will 50 kills with shooting them, ramming the enemies don't count, press and hold cn_R1 to lock onto the enemy, this can be done for up to 5 enemies at once and then press cn_S to fire, most enemies will take two hits on Officer difficulty to kill. Once you have killed 50 the trophy will pop.

This one has also been known to glitch out as people have been reporting that this has popped up for them sooner than it should. But what this trophy requires is for you to visit the towns that once belonged to the enemy. There are three ways of you to liberate a town. Either continue the story and wait for the areas to become libereated without your help, join in on sorties that takes an entire region under dominion control or complete expert trials. Most Trials will liberate towns, though can be ignored if you are not a high enough level. The towns that you can liberate and visit are:

Mctighe which becomes available in Chapter 2 after the mission "The Cadets first deployment."

Aqvi & Corsi becomes available in Chapter 2 after the mission "Operation Reconquista" though you can skip this and both still become liberated.

Keziah becomes available in Chapter 3 after the expert trial "The Keziah Diversion."

Mi-Go becomes available in Chapter 3 after the expert trial "United Front."

Iscah becomes available in Chapter 3 after the mission "The Infiltration of Iscah."

Rokol becomes available in Chapter 3 after the expert trial "Expelling the Empre."

Meroe becomes available in Chapter 5 after the expert trial "A charge on the Border."

Toguagh becomes available in Chapter 5 after the expert trial "Colonel Faith's Revolt."

Azurr becomes available in Chapter 7 after the expert trial "The Climactic Clash at Azurr."

Bazz becomes available in Chapter 7 after the expert trial "Operation Homecoming."

However it seems you don't need to visit every liberated area and you should get the trophy by visiting most of these areas. Also if it requires an expert trial to liberate, complete the next story mission and those areas should be liberated naturally.

Eidolons can be obtained by completing missions on certain difficulties or completing certain red SOs. The first Eidolon you should get is Ifrit, which is story based if you follow what you have to do. In the Mission "The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold" you have to reach the area called "Sample Depository" and speak with the female cadet. Afterwards you would receive a "Summoner's Permit" which grants you access to summon Ifrit. If you somehow manage to miss this, completing the Mission on Officer will give you the Eidolon Shiva.

Personally the last trophy for me, there are 22 Eidolons you can get and you only need 6, however it still will require a bit of grinding. If you complete the first playthrough on Officer difficulty you will get the following Eidolons:

Ifrit and Shiva from "The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold."

Golem from "The Infiltration of Iscah."

Odin from "The Clash on Big Bridge."

That's 4 of the 6 needed for the trophy, the last two you can get however you feel more comfortable with, playing through the second playthrough on Officer will unlock the rest soon enough or if you feel comfident, go for expert trials. A simple one to get is from the Mission "Operation MA demolition" in Chapter 3 and while you are facing Broniac, lower the health so it's close to being defeated, then press the touchpad to bring up the red SO and accept it, defeat Broniac within that time will give you the Eidolon Rubicante.

And there you have it! My trophy guide ^.^ I hope this all helps you and wish you the best in your Final Fantasy Type-0 journey!

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